Profile of Krynn: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Krynn “Nightmare” Sahira
Subspecies: Timber Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year (5/13/2018)
Birthplace: Messiah’s Deprive
Alignment: Sinbound
At A Glance
"Grim and forbidding. Across her snout stretching, up, into the peak of her head is a naturally painted skull that masks almost all expressions. Though, even with her features seemingly covered, her aura exudes a disapproval so intense that it chips away at the thick hide of any creature that dare look her in the eye. The shadows even veil her in an even cloak draped in such a fashion that she seems never alone. Although, in truth, she is simply always one with Krynn's natural element"
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Profile of Krynn: Details
Krynn was the runt of her litter and has never grown beyond that defect though that very fault has grown to mold to her strengths relying heavily on stealth and quick attacks over a straight forward fight.

Her pelt is black with white streaks of white hair running the course of her spine from the neck to the tail. That streak uniquely coils around her ears onto her face in such a way that it looks like a wolf skull. While her eyes are fierce silvery white narrowed to a knifes edge.

Height: 1.9 ft. (At Shoulder)
Length: 4.2 ft
Weight: 93 lbs

[Image: 5fc8b569-d76f-4d5d-809a-6dc6968e28f7.gif]
[Image: Webp-net-resizeimage.png]

⌑ Cruel ⌑ Reprehensible ⌑ Cunning ⌑ Brazen ⌑ Sly ⌑ Misunderstood

”Sneer your Teeth, even strike at me with Claw or Talon, it doesn't matter. For unless you conquer your own shadow I have already won.”

[Image: 5fc8b569-d76f-4d5d-809a-6dc6968e28f7.gif]

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