Profile of Charles: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Charles Redleaf
Subspecies: Coywolf
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/his
Age: 1,5 (06/06/2019)
Birthplace: Easthollow, Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
Charles has coyote-like features, a heart-shape on his chest and various small scars across his face and body. His fur is thin and wiry.

by Lauren
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Charles is currently away. Reason: In Denmark; will post, but slower than usual.
Away Since: April 28, 2021 — Returns on: May 25, 2021

Profile of Charles: Details
Brown with big floppy ears, a slim frame and coyotelike features. Charles has yellow-amber eyes. He has a chip out of his left ear and various small patches of uneven fur or scars across his body. Charles is on the smaller side of medium, but he looks smaller than he is due to his lean body that, due to his coyote heritage, seems to have never fully outgrown his awkward yearling stage.

[Image: charles-big.png]
By Lieu

As a pup:
[Image: 20190606-charlesref.jpg]

By Summer
Charles is a bit of an odd one out by all means. His vocabulary isn't very big and he isn't always good at wolf behaviour. He has a penchant for punishment.
Pack History
Born to Laurel Redleaf (from the seed of Iliksis) alongside siblings Riley & Louie. His best friend is Leta.
Easthollow: Birth 鈥 October 2020
Firefly Glen: November 2020 鈥 January 2021
Redhawk Caldera: February 2021
Saints of the Dying Light: March 2021 鈥 present
Profile of Charles: Additional Information
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