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Saints Of The Dying Light

Basic Info
Full Name: Hela Kynareth Melonii
Bloodline: Melonii
Subspecies: canis lupus
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (05.2019)
Birthplace: Blackfeather Woods
At A Glance
healing progress (31/36)
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[Image: 7I6zBbf.jpg]

she bears a tall, powerful frame (33"). a thick mantle of fur; shades of dark umber, coffee and charcoal, highlighted in a few rare places with a rusted shade. a cluster of barely-noticeable freckles across her hindquarters, inherited from her mother, along with the cut of her features.

Currently severly injured. Left forelimb is dislocated and severly lacerated, right hind limb is broken (incomplete transverse fracture) and lacerated, infected laceration on her chest, smaller healed wounds across the bridge of her muzzle, scruff, and shoulder.

i. ii. iii.

 " Fool, prate not to me about covenants, "

savage, unrepentant. strict and unyeilding ideals of justice and morality, a warrior through and through. values loyalty, quick to act in retribution and in the face of any percieved affronts. detached and void of mercy, proven warlord.
" — there can be no covenants between lions and men "
vaati x cassiopeia
littermate: scylla
siblings: (via vaati x grezig) tizir & xizur
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