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Basic Info
Full Name: Rhælla Alyhra Veltigar (neé Vallaeris) Pronunciation: Rrray-el
Subspecies: Baffin Island wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years (2018)
Birthplace: Lirean Empire (northeastern Canada)
At A Glance
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"small, unsure, beautiful, breakable."
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Profile of Rhælla: Details
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"Artemis Girl, there is something moon soaked and dawn flavoured about her."

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A night wisp, a slip of shadows pirouetting on dainty paws. A Seelie creature that conjures imagery of old magicks, ancient forests, and mischievous nymphs. Coated in nitesky and spackled with stars, Rhælla embodies nobility yet something raw and primal lurks within her single lilac orb.

—Rhælla's right eye socket is empty, scarred, and she is somewhat subconcious of this oft attempting to duck her head or otherwise hide her disfiguration.
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"Athena Girl, her heart wears wisdom and wit warmed splendor, the echoes of a war cry holding its four chambers together."

A fortress. Humble, withdrawn, sheltering, respective - forever inquisitive and wondering.

—To be developed further IC.
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"She rises like the bloodmoon in a sky of a thousand stars bursting."

Her ancestors had arrived on the mainland long ago.

The Histories have grown muddled since; no one is entirely certain how the Lirean kingdom first came to be but they still hold to the old ways: the Lireans are a neutral, protective class. They guard their own fiercely and stay well away from other's wars; a primeval and peaceful people whom would only branch out to form alliances in the Late Generations of the Histories. Rhælla's parents were one such progressive pair: the Lord and Lady of clan Veltigar, one of the Empire's oldest and noblest families - a family which married brother and sister, uncle and niece, father and daughter.

Rhælla was the product of such a union, the daughter to twin parents and the identical twin to brother, Rhaelyx. Both were reared as prospective leaders, attending their parents as Lord and Lady of their family clan to-be from a young age and schooled in various fields.

Rhælla grew into a beautiful, charming young woman - the perfect bride for a political union. A tearful goodbye was bid to her brother and best friend at nine moons, the young princess of Veltigar bearing a brave face as she left home to fulfill her destiny and duty.

For many moon phases, she would suffer at the hands of her malicious mate, Lucavon of the Icadearian Kingdom - beaten, humiliated, raped. At last, at last, she would win the trust of the smallfolk and secure a poison to mix with her husband's meal - abdicating the throne and returning to Lirean.

Only Rhaelyx would know the truth of her crime, or so she thought. A spy in the thrushes heard her confession to her twin and reported it to her Lord father.

Though Emperor Jaehaelar did not possess the courage to turn his own daughter over to the Icadearians, honour called that she be tried for treason - a sentence that would call for the loss of her eye and following exile.

Wounded, in great pain, and believing Rhaelyx to be her betrayor, Rhælla fled south - turning her back on the Lirean lands.

Rhælla would entail Teekon in the late spring of 2019, wandering and encountering locals whom she befriended and learned about the Wilds from. Shortly after arriving, she was attacked by an unnamed assailant and saved by Llyr Crowborn whom she travelled with for a time, serving as repayment for her rescue. When this failed to result in a permanent settlement or pack, the yearling set out on her own for the northern seas of Teekon - gathering a group of rogues about her and preparing to found a Kingdom of her own.
Pack History
Mother: Naehna Veltigar

Father: Jaehaelar Veltigar

Siblings: Rhaelyx Veltigar

Former Mate: Lucavon Vallaeris
LIREAN EMPIRE: Bairn, Duchess




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"Even princesses and she-wolves bleed."
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