Profile of Lokie: Quick Facts
Basic Info
Full Name: Lokie Andreas
Subspecies: Northwestern Wolf (Canis lupus occidentalis)
Sex: Male
Age: 4 (06/11/2015)
Birthplace: Pacific Mountains, Northern California
At A Glance
Normal guy, goofy, likes kids. Big ears.
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Profile of Lokie: Details
Average size and weight. A mixture of tans with black peppered in over his shoulders, back and tail. A mix of browns and tans continues down the outside of his legs. White begins at his paws and ankles, and travels up the inside of his legs. Light brown brown eyes. Big ears. Goofy face.

[Image: AegVViG.png]
Beautiful art by Kaiju Wolf
Lokie is a jokester and would much rather play around than have a serious conversation. He is not a fighter, and would try to joke his way out of a confrontation than actually partake in a scuffle. He loves pups, of course.

Lokie and Connor
[Image: uCZHJNX.png]
Beautiful art by Kaiju Wolf
Born in the Pacific Mountains on the Northern end of California. Traveled north to Teekon Wilds. Met Connor, who quickly became his BFF!

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Pack History
Heterosexual Life Mate

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Beautiful art by Kaiju Wolf
Lone Wolf: June 2019-Present
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