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Basic Info
Full Name: Artyom Alekseyevich Chyornyj
Subspecies: Eurasian Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3 years (March 31st, 2017)
Birthplace: Timiryazevskaya - Yukon, Canada
At A Glance
Average size with a sturdy physique. Ivory, topped with antique gold which is presently becoming darker in the approach of Summer months. Warm brown eyes. Speaks with a distinct Russian accent.

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Profile of Artyom: Details
Strong, masculine, handsome. Intelligent brown eyes and a dense pelt of gold on ivory that lightens/darkens with the seasons.

Voice reference
Artyom's great grandparents and their pack were relocated to Canada in the early 2000s, clinging to their Russian heritage by breeding only among those transported with them. Artyom followed his family's law without question; destined to lead in their retirement, it seemed only appropriate that he keep their bloodline pure by taking the suitor chosen for him when they came of age.

Ana was the only she-wolf who was unrelated to him, and he grew to love her fiercely despite the awkwardness that accompanied their arranged partnership. They lived contently for several months, dreaming of the beautiful future they'd share together, until Ana was injured by a bull elk during their pack's hunt. Infection ravaged her wound, eventually spreading through her system until she passed away some weeks later.

Artyom mourned privately and missed his young lover sorely, but wished for nothing more than to be happy once again - as was Ana's dying wish. He knew he could never recover from this loss for as long as he remained within his parents' pack, and so waited out the remainder of the cold season before he chose to disperse.

His travels were lonely and, as he passed through the Teekon Wilds, found himself a new purpose among the wolves of Lost Creek Hollow. He lived as one of them for several months until the earthquakes separated him from the pack and forced him to spend the cold season elsewhere.

On his return to the Teekon, he found his former pack-mates to have moved on, though he did not make attempt to source their new location. Instead crossed paths with an ambitious she-wolf, Dawn Morningside, who was keen to claim land of her own, and Artyom decided to support her dream by making it his own, too.

Less than a week after joining her at Whitebark Stream, Artyom and Dawn came together for the breeding season - securing a new generation to further grow their new pack. The latter's co- Alpha disappeared shortly after and Artyom stepped up to assist with leadership duties. With the arrival of Spring they welcomed their first litter together - Winter, Storm, Juniper and Frost.
The only surviving cub of Lyova and Misha's first litter, though he gained two younger sisters the following season: Zsofia and Katya. Took a young mate shortly after his first birthday, Anastasia, who perished following a hunting accident in late 2018. A year later, he became mated to Dawn and they expanded their family to include their offspring: Juniper, Storm, Winter and Frost.

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