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Full Name: Syrma Cambria
Subspecies: ½ Mexican Grey x ¼ Rocky Mountain x ¼ Eastern Timber Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 0 (June 30, 2019)
Birthplace: Whitefish River, Kintla Flatlands
At A Glance
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Syrma is primarily a soft gray that darkens on her legs, eartips, and the bridge of her nose with very white cheeks, underbelly, and a small diamond between her bright yellow-gold eyes. She also has a faint smattering of freckles over her cheeks, courtesy her father. Very much a growing wolf, she is leggy, angular, sometimes scrappy-looking and not all that big, but she does match her twin sister remarkably well.
Plays hard.. but loves a good nap. Very attached to her sister. Also seems fond of the night.
After her mother was chased from the mountain her father reigned over to the riverside where their life could begin in peace, the bastard litter was born and nurtured comfortably in the pack called Kaistleoki. At the start of their first autumn, seismic disturbances began in the area, eventually forcing the pack to move to higher ground.
Pack History
Parents: Speedy Cambria ♀ × Charon Ostrega ♂✝
Littermates: Acheron ♂, Castor ♂, Spica
Half Siblings: Several
Kaistleoki (06/30/2019 — present)

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