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RIP Earp
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Basic Info
Full Name: Earp "Sedulous" Sahira
Subspecies: Timber Mix
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (5/04/2017)
Birthplace: Outside Teekon Wilds
Affinity: Methodical
Alignment: Sophisticated
Died: 29/09/20
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  • Country Sad Ballad Man
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  • You're So Great
  • Death of a Party
  • Chinese Bombs
  • I'm Just a Killer For Your Love
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  • Strange News From Another Star
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  • Essex Dogs

Mesomorphic sable man with raven-like eyes with a stolid expression. Typically phlegmatic in his movements and ways.

"If you want it,
you'd better do it yourself,
because others will do it
| Meticulous | Insensate | Candid |
| Lawful Evil - Type 2 | ISTJ-A |

[Image: TSJlmwF.jpg]

He works in a methodical way, doing everything in an organised, set manner and follows procedures and orders to perfection. If he does not, then he will do the task again and again until it is perfect. He doesn't stop nor relent and works until his body fails him.
Even then, he works to make himself stronger.
[Image: wQiG6F3.jpg]

Mother: Namira Sahira 鈾
Father: Unknown

Half-Siblings: Noave 鈾, Gryffin 鈾, Krynn 鈾, Akuji
Cousins: Priest , Hum 鈾, Vehem , Alula
Maternal Aunts: Zafina Sahira 鈾, Dibella Sahira 鈾
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