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Basic Info
Full Name: Daegon Vallaeris
Subspecies: 50% Timber, 50% Arctic
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (06/17/2016)
Birthplace: Icadearian Empire
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Profile of Daegon: Details
An athletic male lined with muscle, an intimidating figure whose stony, rugged features and battle scars do little to inspire reassurance. Coated in autumn with eyes the color of a jack-o'-lantern : a blend of cinnamon, fallen leaves, and warm cappuccino overlay a base of umber accentuated by hints of maple russet.
Daegon exudes confidence and charm upon first meeting him, but anyone who cares to look closer will see a quiet power hidden beneath his intense energy. Romantic and charismatic, he is the first to speak his mind, often looking for some way to break the ice if only to probe those around him and learn what he can to store away for later use.

Although he can be loyal and protective, those that cross him or someone he cares about will be the first to learn how dangerous he can actually be. Trained as a fighter and guardian, he has no fear of death and will gladly give his own life protecting his loved ones.

The younger brother to King Lucavon of the Icadearian Kingdom, he was bypassed as heir to the throne when their father passed and went on to train as a Knight for the Kingdom. Slowly, he worked his way to the top of the warriors and took over as his brother's liege Lord. Still, the man would find himself yearning for something more - something unnamed.

When the young Lady of Veltigar arrived and married his brother, Daegon's eye was drawn by the new Queen but he determined to stay away from her - or at the very least to remain aloof and polite.

As time passed and it became clear her marriage to the King was a loveless one, the warrior took to watching over her from afar - observing her. It was in the dark of a dreadful night when the young Queen was fleeing the dens that he would follow, finding her on the precipice of a dangerous cliff.

Before he could emerge from the shadows to stop her, the girl had already turned away from the plummet - recoiling from the ledge as if suddenly realizing what she was doing. Daegon revealed his presence then and struck up a conversation with her, unprohibited under the cover of night. The Knight would earn her trust that night and, over the next few months, her friendship. In time, he would even claim her heart, the pair enganging in a hidden relationship - though she concealed the abusive nature of her marriage for fear it would enrage Daegon or else torment him.

Daegon began silently making plans to spirit Rhælla away with plans to journey south where they could be together freely, afraid even to tell Rhæ herself for fear they would be discovered. Unbeknowst to him, the Queen had made plans of her own and before Daegon could act on his plot, his brother was mysteriously murdered and a riot ensued as packmate turned on packmate - attempting to secure the throne for themselves. Daegon was gravely injured in the chaos by a rioter seeking to eliminate the last heir of succesion while searching for Rhælla. Meanwhile, Rhælla had fled the territory, waiting at their planned rendezvouse location for days until the Kingdom stabilized and the looming threat of Icadearian search parties sent her fleeing home - thinking Daegon to have perished in the pandemonium.

Bedridden for weeks, Daegon would rise to find his ambitious mother ruling as Queen and no sign of his lover. Rumor stated she had simply vanished and speculation abounded that she had been whisked away by Lucavon's lackeys - likely brutalized and murdered. Daegon searched the surrounding terrain, eventually reaching the Lirean Empire where he was brusquely informed that the Duchess had been exiled for treason and practically chased from the borders.

Thus, Daegon too would turn south in search of Rhælla.
Mother: Katrín Vallaeris

Father: Pétur Vallaeris

Older Brother: Lucavon Vallaeris

Lover: Rhælla Veltigar

Profile of Daegon: Additional Information
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