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Basic Info
Full Name: Dionysia
Subspecies: Timber Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 Years (June 26, 2016)
Birthplace: Olympia, Washington — Outside of Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
height: 3'9" | length: 5'2" | weight: 114lbs

Eggshell white in hue, varying light shades of gray painted delicately in faint rings around her neck and rump
Smells like pine needles & sage
Voice is normally a low tone, steady with no unusual fluctuations. sounds like warm honey, melodic and sweet

current health — 100% (5/5)
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“ i wonder if the rain fallin' this heavy on my adversaries. . . ”

Aligned on the lean side of the spectrum by the standards of the Canis lupus, Dionysia carries a slim figure; her limbs slender, though defined with robust muscle meant for bearing long distances and withstanding heavy blows. At full maturity, she stands at two feet and nine inches — above the typical height for wolves of her sex — and weighing at a median weight of one hundred fourteen pounds; she is proportionate. Not too lanky nor too hefty, but rather in the middle but tipping close to the more gaunt side of the scale. She is the embodiment of elegance, moving with the grace of a gentle river, but it's foolish to mistake her femininity as weakness. A swan drifting peacefully on a still pond, she appears innocent and timid but come too close and the wrath hidden beneath a facade of vulnerability will be unleashed. Some are lured in by her almost stark white coat, as it is rare and easy to spot in the wilderness. Her pelt is a whipped cream white with light gray and mocha brown accents. To top off this beauty are almond shaped eyes, colored a burned honey speckled with flecks of deep amber.

[Image: light-blue-tumblr-3.png]

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Dionysia is someone who’s predominantly concerned with her own thoughts and feelings, shying away from others in times of low energy. Do not mistake this for selfishness, as the youthful woman is considerate of others. If there does come a point where she has to be around a group of people, she will mingle - appearing like a whole new person with a joyous disposition. Though, when around others for too long her mental energy drains to nothing, needing to be alone for close to a day in order to feel like herself again. She is extremely observant of her surroundings and people, noticing even minute changes in body language. This could be on account of wanting to blend in. Being the center of attention is the last thing she wants, and she’ll do anything to take the focus off of her. With her high intelligence, she regularly bases decisions on her head rather than her heart. Logic and knowledge are of importance to her.

[Image: light-blue-tumblr-3.png]

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