Profile of Araceli: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Araceli Tilani
Subspecies: [small]50% Mexican Wolf || 50% Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (02/25/2018)
Birthplace: Minrathous, Outside Teekons
Patron: Toth
At A Glance
A small half-breed taking more after her wolf lineage in appearance rather than her dog lineage
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Profile of Araceli: Details
A petite wolf, primarily cloaked in pale grey with a scattering of black freckles throughout her coat. Possesses tan socks extending to a tan patch on her chest, with splashes of the same color decorating her throat and muzzle. A single streak of black runs down her throat, starkly contrasting the rest of her fur. Slightly curled up tail. Deep red eyes.
To be discovered IC
Born to her mother a feral dog who took the name Nesira along with her siblings Nirali and Eleni. They were the result of a fling their mother had with a male wolf named Alarian.

Their mother was accepted into a pack called Minrathous as a slave out of pity. During her time there one of the higher ranking wolves fell for her and challenged for ownership & then freed her which resulted in her being elevated to a higher rank. Shortly after this happened her and her sisters were born and took on their mother's lover's last name, and were raised as nobility. When they were a few months old, their mother's lover decided to challenge the leader & won, and exiled that family. 

A few months after that, someone challenged him and killed him, and their mother fell into a deep depression. Eventually their mother took on a new mate but was murdered after he found out she cheated on him which resulted in Araceli’s and her sisters departure.
Pre-teekon Bio written by Xynien
Pack History
Mother: Nesira Tilani
Father: Alarian Kiel

Siblings: Nirali and Eleni

Minrathous (Birth-)
Lone wolf (Present)
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