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Black Hat
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Basic Info
Full Name: "Black Hat" ???
Subspecies: Various
Sex: Male
Age: 3 years (9/6/2016)
Birthplace: Not here.
At A Glance
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Profile of Black Hat: Details

A gaunt man of penumbra shades whose lean form is supported by spider-like legs. Coarse, ragged fur hangs off of him like it doesn't belong. His black dorsal markings drape over him like a trench coat, and mahogany touches occupy his throat and flanks. He has one piercing white eye and a bloodshot red one; an old wound, judging from the scar. Various smaller scars mar his flesh, but most are covered by his pelt.

His tarnished yellow snaggleteeth are often on display, be it out of aggression or amusement. Some find that more pleasant than his resting scowl, where his teeth stubbornly poke out from beneath his lips. Oddly, he is always seen wearing a wreath of dogwood on his head. 35" at the shoulder, 135 lbs.
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A waspish, egotistical man who is only tolerable to be around when he wants something from someone. Thus, Black Hat is either the most charismatic or the most detestable creature one will ever meet.

He is a master of manipulation who loves to bargain, striking deals that benefit him more than the other party. On the flipside of the coin, if someone needs extra persuasion — or he just happens to be in the mood — Black Hat turns obscenely violent. He finds amusement and beauty, even pleasure in pain and suffering, in blood and viscera. The rush he gets when inflicting pain, physical or emotional, on another living being is nothing short of addictive euphoria.

He has allies and underlings, but he does not have friends. It's doubtful such a repugnant creature is even capable of love. He respects no one but himself and cares only for fulfilling his own needs and desires. Black Hat is neither psychopath nor sociopath, but a totally separate, more terrifying breed.

Black Hat has a strong British accent, and his voice grates on the ears like nails on a chalkboard. He sounds like something struggling to speak a mortal tongue it wasn't designed to speak.
Black Hat's past is an enigma through and through, but it amuses him to watch people try and pry into it.

Disclosed In-Character
— Was in a council & rose to leadership
— His crown is a memento
— His eye scar is from a fight, presumably with a wolf
Pack History
??? — 9/6/16 - ???
??? ↑ ??? ↑ Councilman ↑ King
LONE WOLF — ??? - 7/12/19
NIGHTWALKERS — 7/12/19 - 1/18/20
Grunt ↑ Soldier ↑ Major
CORONA [Pledged] — 1/18/20 - Present day
Profile of Black Hat: Additional Information
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Black Hat is a 3 3 3 rated character. Some of his threads have very sensitive, mature topics or may head that way. If you are uncomfortable with where a thread is going, please don't hesitate to let me know!

Black Hat is an irredeemable monster whose thoughts and actions do not align with my own.

Inspired by Black Hat from Villainous.
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