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Full Name: Noki the Great and Not Very Powerful
Subspecies: Yes I am Human
Sex: Female
Age: 26 years (April 8th, 1993)
Birthplace: Earth, like am real human
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Role Play Policy
IC vs OOC This should go without saying, but I will say it anyway! What my characters do ic do not reflect my beliefs in ooc. What they say, and do, especially for my darker characters, does not reflect my own beliefs. If something they do does make you uncomfortable, please send me a PM on here or Discord and let me know!

Archiving Threads Unless we have spoken about it in ooc, i will often archive threads after one month with no reply. If I do archive a thread you wished to reply to, please let me know! We can either get unarchived or just start a brand new one.

Replying I reply to characters as my muse goes. I will reply to all threads they are on that day as I have the muse for them, but depending on how I feel in ooc, I might go days without replying with a certain character. This does not reflect how I feel about you, your character, or the thread. However, if I feel like a thread is hard to reply to (normally its meet and greets, I have a hard time with those) I will let you know! Please remember, just because I have a hard time replying to a certain thread, does not mean that I do not like threading with you or your character!

Power Play Policy I do allow power playing! But I do ask that you keep to my character's tendencies and if you want to maim or do any real major power playing, to ask me ahead of time if it might affect my characters in the long run.

When to Skip Me Please skip me in any major group threads that my characters don't have a major role in. Normally I will let everyone know in my post, in an ooc note that I am okay with them being skipped!
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Plots - Romance I prefer my plots to come along organically in character rather than forcing things to happen just because I want them to ooc. We can always do a loose plot in ooc and see how things go between our toons! pls plot with me, im lonely.

Fighting I will be doing predetermined dice rolls for hit/damage rolls as well as their HP, and base my post around that roll for how much damage my character takes/deals out. I will apply all trade based boosts of mercenary being the one with highest boosts, and hunter being just under that in fighting ability. I don't like fights lasting too long nor do I find them very realistic without someone dying.

Post Length Please do not feel obliged to match any of my post lengths should any of them exceed yours. Sometimes I'm hit with a burst of muse and will write more than I normally do!
Primary Characters:
Reiko — Empress of the Reneian Empire
Hieronymous — Knight of Kaistleoki
Rosencrantz — Gamma of Rusalka

Secondary Characters:
Conquest — Pup of Kaistleoki
Valium — Beta Pup of Nightwalkers

Tertiary Characters:
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Player Information: Noki, duh
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my name is noki, i am 26 years old, i identify as a girl. i live in canada and in the eastern daylight time. i enjoy a good cup of tea, and gardening (i have a bit of a green thumb). i am a pansexual who prefers men. currently im going to school for electrical technician engineer but i did graduate as a vet tech and worked as one for 3 years years, worked in animal hospitals for 8 years in total.

i am a very open and fun loving individual who is down for almost any plot that comes my way! feel free to shoot me a pm or a message on discord at steph#0278 and i would be tickled to plot with you!