Profile of Rafael: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Rafael
Alias: Whitethroat
Subspecies: wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (5/16/17)
Birthplace: somewhere
At A Glance
nomadic, impulsive, reckless, shameless, aggressive, confident

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Rafael is currently away. Reason: finals. depressed. will be scarce
Away Since: December 05, 2019 — Returns on: Unknown

Profile of Rafael: Details
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The simplicity of his appearance makes it easy for one to gloss over him. His gray pelt is only disrupted by his lighter gray belly and a throat marked in white. His most notable features are found on his face. His lavender eyes are alluring. Look closely and you will see a ring of blue around his pupils. Below his eyes sit one large scar, followed by two smaller ones on his cheek.

Used to run with a gang of bandits. Got kicked out (wip)
Profile of Rafael: Additional Information
DEATH ROLLS: Each time Rafael loses a fight, a /1d15 dice will be rolled. If a 15 is rolled, his opponent has the choice of killing him (there’s no need to ask for my permission to do so!)

NOTE: I try to keep ooc plotting to a minimum, so please refrain from DMing me about it! If you want a thread with this character, tag them and I’ll reply if they’re available <3
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