Profile of Valtari: Quick Facts
Played By: Not specified
Basic Info
Full Name: Valtari
Subspecies: Arctic
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (April 11th, 2017)
Birthplace: Glacier Bay
Profile of Valtari: Details
Characteristically an arctic wolf at first glance and nothing more—thick-coated, dressed in hues akin to a thick, smoky morning fog with hints of shale beneath a certain plushness. A stocky, stalwart figure of untested strength and willpower. Calculating, summery blue eyes with icy tinges of glacial light.
Precisely proud, sharp-toothed being; he is more hammer than scalpel in a number of ways.
Pack History
April 2017 — July 2019

September 2019 — October 2019
Profile of Valtari: Additional Information
Registered on September 18, 2019, last visited (Hidden)
Disappeared from Rusalka during a hunt in October of 2019. May or may not return in the future.
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