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Full Name: Tessa "Pool" Drogo
Subspecies: Wolfdog 90% wolf 10% labrador
Sex: Female
Age: 2 . 5 years (April 2017)
Birthplace: White Sands
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A woman of smoky light grey and big, dark black rimmed different hued eyes. Her left eye is a brilliant sky blue and her right a light honey amber. She is a medium sized female standing at 22 inches tall but weighing at the slimmer side in figure at 85 pounds.

Her fur is perfectly sleek everywhere and abnormally close to her body everywhere though it grows gradually longer toward her chest and head, giving her a fluffy and soft appearance. Her ears stand tall though the tips flop over and will do so more as she ages.
Gentle in mannerisms but lethal in ways to be developed.



Speaks poor common but tries to learn.

Clearly gravitates toward power.
Born to an outsider and left upon the sands to be found by the wolves that hunted the sands and lived in the forests that bordered it, it became clear who's child she was by sight. As per the rules, even though she was illegitimate he would have to raise her to be the heir. As she grew older, she somehow weedled her way into his heart and they had a good relationship until a traitor overthrew her father and they had to run. They got separated and here she is.
Pack History
Warmonger- Father

Marine- Mother

White Sands- Heir 2017-2018

Lone wolf: 2018-current
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She speaks Duthrika which is based on Dothraki.

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