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Basic Info
Full Name: Memphis
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 4 (April 1st, 2016)
Birthplace: Maple Mountain
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Profile of Memphis: Details
Memphis is a pure grey wolf thanks to his parents' genes. He stands 33 inches tall from his shoulders to his paws and weighs 123 pounds. He almost has the same coat as his father. His shoulders and back are almost covered in dark grey and black fur. He has some white fur around his neck that follows to his belly. His muzzle and legs are partially light brown. He has the same eye color like his mother; his irises are naturally brown. Memphis has a torn ear on the right side due to a terrible event that had happened to him when he was a little pup. Because of his ear deformity, he remains permanently half-deaf. He can still hear if he concentrates or reads someone’s lips.
Memphis used to be very playful and outgoing when he was a pup, but his demeanor had completely changed when his beloved family got murdered at his den. Now he became quieter, and sometimes he avoided the wolves that would cross his path, but when he met them face-to-face, he would remain calm and reserved. He can reveal his sweet personality if he gets to know someone better. Beneath his quietness, he is very gentle and caring, and he doesn’t forget the ones who offer him help. He will make sure that he will repay them back. Because of his tragedy childhood, Memphis can sometimes isolate himself from the others and remain pensive for a little while.
Memphis was the only survivor in the family. After he was weaned at two months old, a group of bandits invaded his den and took a malicious pleasure in killing his family. The main leader of the group grabbed Memphis's entire right ear with his teeth and violently threw him to the cliff. Memphis managed to survive the impact, but he completely lost his ear. He eventually met an elder wolf named Valkyrie, who took care of him while he was injured, and with time he was adopted by her. She named him Memphis.

After two years, Memphis became a fully grown wolf with a missing ear, and Valkyrie was getting very old. Unfortunately, she had a brain tumor and she passed away. Memphis was in deep pain when he lost his adoptive mother, but he managed to move on with life. He had been living in solitude ever since he had traveled from one territory to another.
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Lone Wolf: October 2019 - Present
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