Profile of Nyra: Quick Facts
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Master Warrior
Played By: Liv
Basic Info
Full Name: Nyra Nightwish
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Size: Gigantic, Muscular
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 4 years (March 5th, 2017)
Birthplace: Far south of the Teekon Wilds
At a Glance
[Image: giphy.gif]

Health 100% (100/100)
Profile of Nyra: Details
A snow-white female, massive in size and powerful in body. Marked with a gaze of fiery golden yellow. May appear more bear than wolf at first from her size alone.

Height: 36 in. at the shoulder
Weight: 197 lbs

Voice: Female Eivor


[Image: Untitled421_20200912182552.png]

- Appearance art by Leigh -
[Image: halloween_nyra.webp]

- art by Leigh -

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Nyra is not a good wolf.
She can do good things, but at the end of the day, she is only "good" if she feels like it. Unpredictable in a sense, Nyra's good deeds are at risk of being swiftly followed by violence and malice, or visa versa.
Nyra is also an unfortunate owner to an unstable sense of right and wrong, perhaps even a twisted sense of good.
Once summarized as timid and cooperative, Nyra has become a hellfire, radiating heat waves of sinister potential. She is defiant, bullheaded, murderous, cruel, and fiery. Loyal to herself and her pack before all else, Nyra is a ticking time bomb of violence, a razor-sharp weapon forged from the ashes of her past. A Battle Phoenix, the behemoth in white is a soldier with a hidden longing for companionship she believes will never be found, thus adding fuel to an eternally blazing flame.

Positive traits may include: Loyal, Perseverant, and Protective

Neutral traits may include: Strategic, Headstrong, Fiery, and Ambitious

Negative traits may include: Ruthless, Violent, Bullheaded, Territorial, and Defiant
Nyra and her sister were the result of a ritualistic mating between the Priest and Priestess of a cult, The Direfangs. The sisters were thought to be blessings from the Darkness, and collectively were referred to as the Fates by the other cultists. They were the treasured heirs of the cult, groomed since birth to share such a throne.
At the ages of 1, the Sisters witnessed the aftermath of the slaughter of everything and everyone they had ever known. They have no clue as to why their family was slaughtered, but the Fates had not been around for it - they had been out and about, hunting, gathering offerings for the Dark Gods.
Upon their return to the Nest, they saw the carnage. Wolves from another place had pillaged and torn apart every Direfang Cultist they could find, and didn't stick around to see if survivors were left.

Nyra left that same night, hell bent on making a new life for herself, and leaving her old life and her sisters behind.

All members of the Cult as well as her blood family are presumed dead, but there is a possibility some survived the slaughter.

[Image: halloween.png]
- art by Leigh -
Father: Fenrir Nightwish (presumed dead)

Eldritch Nightwish (presumed dead)

(2021, via Charles) - Lotus Nightwish
Pack History
10/20/19 - Lone Wolf
12/22/19 - Easthollow
▲ Newcomer

8/1/2020 - Saints of the Dying Light
⏺ Overseer*
▲ Paladin
▲ Blade
▲ Specialist
▲ Underling

5/5/2021 - The Archangels
Profile of Nyra: Additional Information
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Nyra is a [Image: 333.png] rated character due to mature and violent themes

Epithets: Overseer, Empress, Battle Phoenix, Warmaiden, War Phoenix, Titan/ess, Giant/ess, Shieldmaiden, Wardog

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