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Full Name: Markus McKinley
Subspecies: Timber Mixed
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (May 9, 2017)
Birthplace: Outside Teekon Wilds
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Average joe - "what was his name again"? Moderate and shades of gray, very much minus the kink. Those liquid amber eyes and silver freckles might make you remember that - "oh yeah, his name is Markus!"
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Moderate in nearly every way - Markus is built without extremes or excess. His build does favor endurance over strength but as a genetic jack-of-all-trades in structure, he is exceptional at neither. His muzzle is of typical length and broad, his head is distinctly male in thickness and size. Even his coat is, to most who would just glance at him, fairly bland. He is wrapped in a medium shade of gray - like a quiet, cloudy sky - with speckles of a deep charcoal along his back and hindquarters. These speckles range from the size of a nickel to a small dot, scattered haphazardly, and more likely to be sparse than over crowded. His chest and inner ear fur shift into a lighter, softer gray while his muzzle, the backs of his legs and a thin outline around his eyes take on the darker shade of his body spots Perhaps his only distinguishing feature are the freckles along his cheeks - an unusually bright silver. His eyes, also a contender for "interesting to look at", are a deep amber.
Markus suffers from what he would consider and excess of understanding. He understands the role of the living things around him and often their function. He understands the cycles of day and night and why they need to exist. He understands that most wolves have no idea what they're doing. He understands that life is on its way out the second you're born and he understands that in the grand scheme of's probably not important. No matter what "it" is.

Markus is lazy and mostly indifferent. He feels no need to gain rank and though he'd rather not be a bottom feeder, he wont do much to change that fact if he becomes one. Mellow to a fault, he is difficult to anger, though pretty easy to irritate in a "of frickin' course" kind of way. He is social but never the life of the party. Markus is observant and therefore often privy to knowledge but it is most likely to sit in his mind forever, useless, rather than be wielded as blackmail. To that extent, he is a willing listener to drama and discussion, though he has no interest in being one of the subjects.

Intelligent, he is a team player right until the team needs him to sacrifice something - then he's out. He catches onto and understands rules quite well but if he finds one pointless, it will likely be broken behind the rulers back. The rest...he's much too lazy to argue. When it comes to hard work, you can find him elsewhere and don't expect him to sit in the rain or mud. He's a super clean, well groomed guy - he'd like to keep it that way, thanks.

Intelligent - Lazy - Observant - Clean - Indifferent - Self Interested - Quiet
He was born to parents who held respectable rank, though nothing too fancy. He came into the world alongside three others, which became two when his brother died as a very young pup - failure to thrive. His parents were loyal and dutiful and in the beginning, he and his siblings were, too.

It is unclear exactly what disillusioned Markus from life. The transition from bright eyed pup in a world of adults who could do no wrong, into an adult himself created the uninterested wolf he is today. Perhaps it was the realization that those he had idolized and those who were idolized were not so different and that nature took or left or smote or gifted at random. The drives behind most actions were shallow and the reward equally so, once he thought about it.

In the end, around two years of age, Markus simply disappeared without a single word of farewell and sought to transplant himself elsewhere. He joined a pack or two but remained on the outskirts, ducking into the night after a short while with each of them. He found other loners or groups of loners and tagged along until he just didn't anymore. As he has come to Teekon Wilds he has the intention to settle..though he is worried that he will still do much the same as before
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Hello, folks - I am Sharp! I have been roleplaying for quite awhile, always a wolf RPG but never semi-realistic. I'm happy to have found an active site and I hope it becomes home. I have not been a part of an RPG for a very long time and I miss it fiercely. I may be recognized by some as from Akrasia and I have previously been known as Kay, from Myth.

Happy roleplaying!

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