Profile of Finley: Quick Facts
Master Coach
Mate to Elwood
Played By: Stevie
Basic Info
Full Name: Finley "Frog" Blackthorn
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountains Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 7 (June 20, 2012 - March 19, 2020)
Birthplace: Montana, USA
At a Glance
A small, dainty wolf with a willowy, feminine build. She has a white underbelly, cheeks and throat with faded silvers and grays stretching down towards her alabaster-socked legs and ribbons of dark slate and with bits of black woven in a stripe along her spine. Her eyes are brown. Ragged scars mar the side of her face and stretch down her neck and she walks with a slight limp.
Profile of Finley: Details
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Finley is a petite female, with fur that is a mixture of grays that have faded with her age, most noticeably around her muzzle and cheeks that now closer match the white at her underside. The stripe along her back is the only bit of her that hasn't faded from dark charcoal, and her eyes also remain a rich brown in color.

A few minor scars and scratches can be found all over her lithe frame, though hardly noticeable with the exception of a slightly tattered left ear and, due to an excursion with an angry bear, three large gashes across her back and down along her shoulder blades. In addition, the side of her face is now scarred and torn after receiving a face full of quills from a porcupine. Due to this, Finley now has a tendency to turn her face slightly away from whoever is looking at her in an effort to hide her "deformity".

Finley walks with a limp that is more pronounced on some days than others due to a hip injury she sustained during a fight with Blackfeather Woods, which has never fully healed. That and she's just getting old and creaky.
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As one of many, Finley started off at a very early age fighting for the spotlight. Even past a year old and away from the siblings she had battled against, Fin remained just as attention-seeking as ever well into her adult life. Her need to stand out translated into a wild personality, that while fun and friendly tended to seem irresponsible at best and self-destructive at worst.

Even though her age and motherhood has slowed her down quite a bit, Fin is still to this day bold, witty, devious, sharp-tongued, kind of reckless, but quite enjoyable to be around in general... if you can keep up. Which you probably can. Because she's old and doesn't move as fast anymore.
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[Image: i2TLPJH.png]Feeling suffocated surrounded by such a large family that were all determined to refer to her as "Frog", Fin struck out on her own shortly after her first birthday. After a while traveling, she grew bored of being a lone wolf and returned to Teekon to land herself in Black Deer Plateau.

During her time in the Plateau, she grew very close to a number of wolves there. However, when the alpha and his mate declared that they were leaving to start anew, Fin left with them to found Redhawk Caldera in mid-Autumn 2014 where she spent a few happy years falling in love and making a ton of babies until a war with the neighbors drove them out to greener pastures.

The Redhawks and Blackthorns settled in Heron Lake Plateau in the Spring of 2018. When the pack split into two sister packs, Fin and some of her family followed her goddaughter to Sun Mote Copse just after the new year where she comfortable lived out the rest of her life in retirement, popped out a few more babies and loved on her family like crazy until she and her mate eventually passed away in their sleep together in early Spring of 2020.
Immediate Family
Mate: Elwood β™‚
Elwood Jr. "Eljay" β™‚ (2015)
Caoilfhionn "Liffey" ♀, Tiarnach "Lagan" β™‚, Lucy ♀ (2016)
Taoiseach "Tegan" β™‚, Fiadh ♀, Mathghamhain "Clover" ♀, Sceitimini "Lucca" β™‚ (2017)
DearthΓ‘r "Cinder" β™‚, LeathchΓΊpla "Tywyll" β™‚ (2018)
Avery ♀, Suaibhseach "Sugar Glider" ♀, Cathal "Crow" β™‚, Foxegrine "Pox" β™‚ (2019)
Deshyr ♀, Wisteria "Wisp" ♀, Remi ♀, Breccan β™‚ (Liffey x Rannoch 2018)
Aengus β™‚, Tiarnach β™‚, Eshe ♀, Sionnach ♀ (Liffey x Rannoch 2019)
Elfie β™‚, Weejay ♀ (Eljay x Wildfire 2019)
Wildfire ♀, Raven ♀, Nightjar β™‚, Derp β™‚ (Peregrine x Fox 2015)
Peter β™‚, Whip β™‚, Gannet β™‚, Ferret β™‚ (Peregrine x Fox 2016)
Towhee ♀, Titmouse β™‚, Phox β™‚, Orca ♀, Oriole β™‚, Stoat ♀ (Peregrine x Fox 2017)

Pack History
Blacktail Deer Plateau: July 2014 - October 2014
Redhawk Caldera: October 2014 - April 2018
Redhawks: April 2018 - January 2019
Firebirds: January 2019 - March 2020

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