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Full Name: summer
Subspecies: human
Sex: Female
Age: minor (04/21)
Birthplace: usa
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I'm Summer!! I'm from TX and I am still a student. Besides roleplay, I enjoy drawing, listening to music, drinking bubble tea, biking, and ice skating.

I'm currently in my fourth year of studying Mandarin Chinese in a classroom setting.

If you have anything in common with me, have a question for me, or just wanna be friends, hmu! I'm super friendly and I don't have a short temper so you don't have to worry about drama from me.

fave color: pearl aqua  #88d8c0

fave animal: emperor penguin

fave food: salmon and asparagus

fave drink: wintermelon milk tea

fave movie: catch me if you can, the great gatsby

fave song: constantly changing

fave kpop boy: kibum/key

my roleplay policies?

-My characters thoughts and actions do not align with mine!!! Some of my characters are bad, and I don't condone their actions.

-NSFW? I'm okay with violence and language!! as for sexual themes- if this arises, I'd prefer it to be fade-to-black, never explicit. please respect this thankyu!!

-I can't promise fast responses. Like anyone else, I have a life outside of WOLF which I very much enjoy. This is a game to me, so don't expect replies to always be fast.

-Ask before skipping me in threads.

-Generally I archive dead threads only if a) the participant has fallen inactive or b) a month or longer has passed.

-I'm okay with OOC plotting, so if you have ideas hmu and we can discuss!

-I use my phone for all my posts so please excuse minor typos etc.
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