Profile of Dakota Tikaani: Quick Facts
Dakota Tikaani
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Basic Info
Full Name: Dakota Tikaani
Subspecies: 50% Northern Inuit Dog/50% Gray Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 4 (October 22, 2015)
Birthplace: Alaska
At A Glance
Appearance based on this canine, with a docked tail and golden eyes. Confident, friendly, and often happy to help—whether solicited or not. Locked out of Paradise, but he doesn’t mind; now he can tell everyone about it.

World’s least reliable narrator.
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Dakota Tikaani is currently away. Reason: muse atrophied; still here but slow
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Profile of Dakota Tikaani: Details

[Image: TfwiT91.png]
art by yours truly; agouti texture & precise hex colors not included · pose reference

~2.85' at the shoulder        ~160lbs

A dark agouti wolfdog with a docked tail and large, well-honed ears. Soft features compliment an easygoing nature—and can hide temptations to the contrary. Clearly-defined markings outline his muzzle and underside in off-white; lighter brown marks circle expressive golden eyes.

based on the dog Katrina at the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary


“He’s a bullet through and through.”

enthusiastic/forceful · bold/arrogant · compassionate/overbearing · brave/self-sacrificial (to an extent) · easygoing/seemingly careless

Once he was determined to find a promised land for his pack, but they reached it long ago. Now Dakota alone, sworn leader and something of a prophet, is left to show everyone how they too can find a world without suffering.

He’d talk his best friend off a cliff and pat himself on the back as they hit the ground. That is eternal bliss. That is Paradise.

For better and for worse, he knows exactly what he’s doing.


Before 2019, Dakota was .

written by Malia, unedited

Growing up in Alaska to a pack of sled dogs is just the beginning of his story. His mother, a Northern Inuit Wolf Hybrid, fell in love with a wolf banished from his own lands. That’s how he got here.
He fitfully climbs the rank of the dog pack through being respectable and occasionally asserting dominance. His colorful and determined personality helped him get the reputation in the pack that he has now. He worked hard at helping the other members and was rewarded with kindness and respect. Dakota becomes the lead dog of his sled of 10 other members.

One night while out in the middle of an icy forest, while he sleeps he dreams. Dakota dreams of a paradise. Where everything is pleasant, where there is no suffering for him more his pack. Where their bellies are always full and have the freedom to do as they please. Be free of the this slavery so to speak.

In the same night he has a vision, a bear stalking up to the camp at night; slaughtering his pack. Images of them squealing as the bear rips them open. Then as if it rewinds he sees himself sitting in the hole of snow he dug out, he notices the bear from afar and howls; warning his pack mates. They panic, he cuts them free of those leather bindings and they run, run, run. No guts getting strung about either. He dreams about this paradise once again, where his family can finally be at peace. Then his eyes dart open, his breathing heavy he gazes around. Off in the distance, something’s moving. The bear. He snaps into action, cutting the straps that bind his team. Urging them to run, to free themselves, to find paradise.

That night his team had all run free. The vision he had wouldn’t leave his mind and with this the idea of a paradise for his family to live in; he would find it. So he set off on his search telling his family that his fate will let him find them again and he’s off on his search of paradise. Little does he know it is not a physical place. He lets nothing stop him or get in his way. That’s how he’s made it to the Teekon Wilds.

Through his travels he still believes his pack and his human master are still alive. But the night he had the “vision” that the bear attacked his whole pack he didn’t realize it was real. They had actually gotten attacked by a bear, it ended up killing his whole pack. He was the only one left. This traumatic experience has led him to believe that his pack is still alive and he just left to go find somewhere safe for them. His plan is to come back once he’s found it and lead then to “paradise”. Little does he know that they only exist in his head now.

After a brief stint in Teekon, the truth reared its ugly head. His promised devotion to Paradise reigned victorious and took fatal form; Dakota has never been one to give up, and he has a new duty now.

Won’t you listen?

Profile of Dakota Tikaani: Additional Information

Due to past abuse, Dakota has no sense of smell. He attempts to compensate through keen eyesight and attention to detail, but will not be able to determine pack allegiance, family, and other scent-based attributes without explanation.

0/5        ?

Dakota will not attack and kill strangers on sight; however, the more he likes someone, the more likely he’ll goad them to death. This is likely to be more insidious than explicit.

If this is something you’d rather not RP, please let me know! I am very willing to write around it; I promise I don’t actually want your characters to die, but alas Dakota is a weird fatalist :P (On the other hand, if you wanna plot, one questionable influence at your service.)

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