Profile of Ostia: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Ostia
Subspecies: British Columbia Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (March 5, 2016)
Birthplace: Κυκλάδες
At A Glance
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Profile of Ostia: Details
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Physical Apperance

Tall with a slim, feminine physique. Ostia is a light weight, agile fighter, relying on speed and strategic moves to bring down her enemies and her prey alike. A pale woman with a pelt of silver, with dark grey cascading along her narrow shoulders and down her back. Not one to be overly worried about appearances, her legs are often covered in dark sand from patrolling or hunting alike. Her eyes, a deep navy blue, reflect the ocean that holds her heart.

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Serious and to the point, Ostia holds a wicked tongue. And is just as likely to offer a compliment as she is to offer insult. Ostia holds great pride in her abilities to fight and defend her home, and she holds herself in such a way that she demands respect, offering her own to those who are worthy. Men and Outsiders are warned of her violent temper and aggressive tendencies. She watches out for her own, offering her help in any task that might need completing, often adding her own unique flare.
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Aspect: Amazon

These women are proud warriors and defenders of the faith, rarely relying on the menfolk to get things done. They are tactile creatures who enjoy the thrill of combat more than the mental pursuits of their sisters; although they are devoted in their own way to the faith, and believe just as fervently. Some of these women believe that their male counterparts are completely obsolete, and can be vitriolic towards even the most dutiful of consorts; their heightened aggression is a small cost for the continued protection of their sisters. These women excell in every avenue typically reserved for hoplites: they're physically strong, skilled in combat, providing, and warfare, and do not back down from challenges.
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Profile of Ostia: Additional Information
Warning: Ostia is a bitch, and doesn't care for any outside her own pack and her blood relations. Her opinions and words do not reflect my own.
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