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me, furriama, ? gift from chels <3
[small][font=copperplate]i knew her for a little ghost [br]that in my garden walked;[/small][/font]
Played By: vera
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Basic Info
Full Name: phaedra cäcilia
note: phaedra is not related to offsite characters sharing her name that may come into contact with former relations

voice: juliette lewis
Subspecies: wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year (03 / 04 / 20)
Birthplace: sawtooth spire
At a Glance
[Image: girlking.png]
Profile of Phaedra: Details

o n y ou r c h ee k ' s l o ve l y a r t :

a picture of innocence, if ever there was one; birdboned with all fair and surpassing, pallored beauty about her. the errant heiress came into the world leucistic, possessed of a white coat with silver tinseling; a rose-grey nose, and paw pads. wildcrafted, the youth styles perpetual case of bedhead with sleepy kiss-curl muttonchops coiffing her face.

true to her teutonic blood, phaedra not prone to displays of ostentatious emotion, nor does her expression belie such. except for her soul -- a wisteria-and-honey looking glass, reflecting that which affects her most deeply.

a u f d e i n e n

hoyden. irrepressibly curious. observant. brash. relentless. charming. scrappy. clever. impulsive. gamine.




SAGTANNET 03/20 (BIRTH) ― 02/21

[Image: lieslpixel.gif]s t e m m a
forgefirewylla ♀ mahler ♂
littermatethade ♂
half-siblingsciri♀ & elke ✞♀ (via nyx ✞ x mahler), tiercel ♀ (via wylla x raptor)
kith and kin offsite are not recognized

Profile of Phaedra: Additional Information
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Phaedra's Signature

there are forces in charge of us that have never been named. and will I name them? i will name something, and it will then be real. effable and known to you.

Player Notes

i'm a raccoon in a garage

º i post when its my turn with the brain cell (there is no consistency)
º phaedra's thoughts are not my own. don't shoot the messenger plz
º i have aphasia. brain damage. you will not see Real Speed. i try my best to be cohesive and coherent.
º if you want a thread, no need to ask; just tag me

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