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Full Name: p h a e d r a - c ä c i l i a --
Pronunciation:=feɪdrə / F A Y - d r u h --ˈʦɛˈʦiːli̯a

Spitzname: --
Endearments: s c h a t z i , l i e b l i n g , h o n i g b ä r
Subspecies: h a l f - c a s t e
Sex: Female
Age: 0.4 years (03 / 04 / 20)
Birthplace: S A W T O O T H -- S P I R E
                                ↳--.. S A G T A N N E T
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dawn of life — a dusky moteling arrayed in the dreary garment of overcast skies.

pale with guard hairs that appear to trap light in gold ingots (though the girl is often slovenly, fur covered in mud and soot). her nose is coloured venus. phaedra's eyes have phased to their adult heterochromatic eventide of precious amethyst with a chasma of sunburst; the undeniable fusion of her parents in her gaze. smells like blossoms according to momther, though she often rolls in gardenias and sometimes carries their scent.
[Image: ClumsySafeCoelacanth-max-1mb.gif]
m i s c a r r i e d         l o v e          w i l l          b e         

irrepressibly curious. observant. brash. relentless. scrappy. clever. impulsive.

p h a s e s — urge for independence, testing boundaries, possessiveness over parental affection yet avoidant of it, leading to a "touch starved" state
h y p e r - f i x a t i o n s — n/a

s t e m m a
the architectswylla ♀ mahler ♂
littermatethade ♂ (missing)
milk-kinrude boy
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phaedra is five years old in human child years.
my decision to age her slowly does not reflect delayed intelligence or IQ,
it's just a personal pacing choice! please keep this in mind if we're threading. tysm
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