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Full Name: p h a e d r a - c ä c i l i a --
Pronunciation:=feɪdrə / F A Y - d r u h --ˈʦɛˈʦiːli̯a

Spitzname: p h a e
Endearments: s c h a t z i
Subspecies: h a l f - c a s t e
Sex: Female
Age: 0 years (03 / 04 / 20)
Birthplace: s a w t o o t h-- s p i r e
Hearthstone: n o v a p e a k
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Phaedra is currently away. Reason: long break. feel free to edit an ending on existing threads with her and archive. hex#9999 is my discord if you have any questions in regards to phaedra. tatty bye
Away Since: Yesterday — Returns on: Unknown

Profile of Phaedra: Details

in the dawn of her life, phaedra was born a dusky moteling arrayed in the dreary garment of overcast skies. she now grows into a coat that is white as moonshine, with faintly glaucous guard hairs. she carries the leucistic gene, giving her nose a venus sort of shade. bodily, phaedra favors a slimline and diminutive physique like her mother, but still bears her baby fat, particularly in her face and belly.

phaedra's eyes have phased to their adult hue; a duskentide heterochromatism of precious amethyst with a peek of sunburst. smells like a musky child obvi
m i s c a r r i e d         l o v e          w i l l          b e         
irrepressibly curious. observant. brash. relentless. scrappy. impulsive. (traits morphing as she grows)

p h a s e s — urge for independence, testing boundaries, self-alienating and abstaining from parental affection
c a i n t i g e r n — or "cain", is an adolescent pine marten who advises, plays with, and trusts phaedra. the duo are tightly bonded and only part when other wolves are in company. the marten occasionally uses his forestial connections to help her in manifold situations, such as providing liniments and misc favors. in exchange for these alms, phaedra sneaks scraps from the cache for him. please do not powerplay awareness of caintigern bts or otherwise without my knowing consent.


s t e m m a
domestic overseerswylla mahler
uterine sistertiercel
sibnificant otherscirilla ♀, elke
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i have alphabet soup brain ~(˘▾˘)~

º i have aphasia. this = me posting without rhyme or reason bc my brain is like a paper shredder. soz. i will prioritize important, group, and strongly developmental threads!
º won't abide abuse of ppc / deus ex machina characters in threads
º i favour organic development over pre-plotting but open to intriguing suggestions
º no gratuitous powerplay of phaedra pls. minimal is ok unless it contradicts her natural behavior
º if you want a thread, no need to ask, just tag her (you might need to send me a reminder pm, i struggle with memory loss) :)

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i accept friend requests from ppl of age, i'm not comfortable chatting online privately with minors. otherwise pm me if you need anything pls ♡