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Full Name: phaedra c盲cilia
note: phaedra is not related to offsite characters sharing her name that may come into contact with former relations

Subspecies: wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year (03 / 04 / 20)
Birthplace: sawtooth spire
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o n y ou r c h ee k ' s l o ve l y a r t :

a picture of innocence, if ever there was one; all fair and finespun beauty, with a birdbone stature. she was born leucistic, possessed of a white dove coat; rose-grey pigments her nose and paw pads. she is a perpetual case of bedhead, with ringleted cheekfluffs framing her face.

her expression is a study of nuance, oftentimes tenebrous for the sake of private thought. however, her eyes lay most everything bare in their heterochromatic heather wisteria-and-honey dusktone.

[Image: djaf.gif]
a u f d e i n e n

hoyden. irrepressibly curious. observant. brash. relentless. charming. scrappy. clever. impulsive. gamine.

SAGTANNET 03/20 (BIRTH) 鈥 02/21

[Image: lieslpixel.gif]s t e m m a
forgefirewylla 鈾 mahler 鈾
littermatethade 鈾
half-siblingsciri 鉁炩檧 & elke 鉁炩檧 (via nyx 鉁 x mahler), tiercel 鈾 (via wylla x raptor)
kith and kin offsite are not recognized!

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i'm a raccoon in a garage

潞 i post when its my turn with the brain cell (there is no consistency)
潞 phaedra's thoughts are not my own. don't shoot the messenger plz
潞 i have aphasia. you will not see Real Speed
潞 if you want a thread with her, no need to ask; just tag me