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Tobais Clove
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Basic Info
Full Name: Tobais Clove
Subspecies: Mexican Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3 years old (2/22/17)
Birthplace: New Mexico
At A Glance
Tobais is shorter then most wolves since he was a runt of his litter. He has extremely thick fur that contains the colors of brown/orange, white, and dark grey along with grey tints under his eyes. Tobais is extremely friendly and open, which usually lets him have a calm posture and friendly expression.
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Profile of Tobais Clove: Details
Tobais is a short wolf that has extremely thick fur. He has mostly white on his legs and chest along with some on his face. He has a black back with a brown tint bordering the outside of it. On his spine is a grey marking vaguely shaped like an arrow. Most of his neck fur is black except for the front of his chest. Tobais has bright yellow eyes. Along with everything else, he has a long fluffy tail that is solid dark grey.
- Friendly
- Playful
- Curious
- Nervous (In certain situations)
- Helpful
Tobais was the runt of his litter, which led to him being more independent than the rest of his siblings. Once he hit 3 years old, he left New Mexico in search of a new place to live. He wanted a fresh start. Tobais sought to help others along the way and tried to keep out of trouble and be as friendly as he could be. Soon enough, he found himself in the Teekons. Now, he seeks to find somewhere to settle down and to find a place to call home.
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