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Bǎo Bǎo

Basic Info
Full Name: Jiang Nüwu
Subspecies: coastal mix
Sex: Female
Age: 0.25 (April 28th 2020)
Birthplace: Yuèlóng
At A Glance
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Profile of Nǚwū: Details
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Nüwu is the same sandy color as her mother, though her deep patterning reflects that of her father's. Dark half legs, snout, ears, wings and tail complement a pale underbelly, the same color as the speckling upon her snout and cheeks and the center wing. She has a cold emerald gaze which often appears contemplative.

Born of the taboo coupling of Yuèlóng's empress, Huā, and a Moonspear man, Dacio.

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Pack History
her brother, Xiaoqing
her sisters, Luli and Haoming
her father, Dacio
her mother, Huā
through dad, a half-brother, Valravn, and a half-sister, Surtr
Profile of Nǚwū: Additional Information
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