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Basic Info
Full Name: Asa Morgan
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2.4 (August 2017)
Birthplace: Tunglið Mtn
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Profile of Asa: Details
(29" tall, 108 pounds, mesomorph.) Slim, trim, and meticulously maintained. A coat that is primarily cream-white from his midline (chest, ribs, hips and down). His top line and outer layer of fur is mostly brown with a brassy, rufous flair. His face is dark-capped with coffee brown and the same color bands his neck like a yoke. Dark furnishing to his limbs afford some contrast against the pallor of his undercoat. He greatly resembles a kildeer/plover.
Lives by a personal code which is influenced by his unerring faith. Friendly enough, more friendly if you're useful. Goal-oriented, self serving.
He is here to track down his father while having zero clue as to who that is.
Pack History
Maternal: Tabitha & Bartholomew Morgan
Paternal: ???
Parents: Josephine Morgan (mother) & ??? (Father)
Siblings: Absalom , Humility

Tunglið Mtn — Pup, Omicron, Kappa, Zeta, Delta.
Lone Wolf — Currently.
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Registered on January 21, 2020, last visited (Hidden)
No OOC planning. I am not on the Discord server and I do not plan on using the OOC features / private messaging.
If you would like to meet him, all his threads are All Welcome.
Threads left for two weeks will be archived without further warning.

This character uses hardcore mode which means:
— 3-hit-1-miss rules for combat.
— Combat requires a 1d15 be rolled.
Survival rolls every Sunday.

As a personal challenge I am trying to get all his threads to 10 replies minimum before archival.