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Fogdile on Wolvden
[color=#66676b][font=Palatino Linotype][small][i][b]"I have abandoned all emotions as useless sentimentality."[/i][/b][/small][/font][/color]
Played By: Not specified
Marked Away: semi-active cus of college
November 29, 2020 — Unknown
Basic Info
Full Name: Death "Almight" Rache
Subspecies: Mackenzie valley mix
Sex: Male
Age: 0.8 (05.03.2020)
Birthplace: Haunted wood - Nightwalkers
At a Glance

[Image: tumblr_p7k771LcBQ1wyktkmo1_250.jpg][Image: tumblr_p7k771LcBQ1wyktkmo2_250.jpg]
Health (10/10)

I don't even know anymore. I just need text here. I am absolutely going mental, all the code keeps breaking and I hate it.
Profile of Death: Details

[Image: 89jrkOw.png]

"I have abandoned all emotions as useless sentimentality."

Initial pitch for Death:

"fourth-born, the final child of Vengeance to be born into this world. Death is atramentous black, with dull grey eyes. solitary, cool, calculative; a shadow."


[Image: 08AuEMI.png]

[Image: unknown.png]
Inspired by Papa Emeritus and his masked followers from the Swedish band Ghost (B.C.).

Ash and coal
Stocky and gigantic

A mischievous young man, born and bred to not belong. Unpredictable at times, when one does not know if the lad is joking or serious and him being quick to anger. A womanizer, he finds, though his luck with the ladies has been slim. Quite an ego despite his lack of skill, depth... He doesn't have much to flaunt, and people can't help but to love or hate him.

06.01.2020 Conceived
11.03.2020 Borned
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Dame: Eirwyn
Sire: Vengeance Rache
Clan: Conquest "Connie" Rache , Pestilence "Pest" Rache & Famine Rache

Via Nadia: Abaddon
Via Serem: Valium , Lithium

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