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Full Name: Death "Almight" Rache
Subspecies: Mackenzie valley mix
Sex: Male
Age: 0.0 (05.03.2020)
Birthplace: Haunted wood - Nightwalkers
At A Glance

[Image: tumblr_p7k771LcBQ1wyktkmo1_250.jpg][Image: tumblr_p7k771LcBQ1wyktkmo2_250.jpg]
Health (10/10)

I don't even know anymore. I just need text here. I am absolutely going mental, all the code keeps breaking and I hate it.
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Death is currently away. Reason: semi-active cus of college
Away Since: May 31, 2020 — Returns on: Unknown

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[Image: 89jrkOw.png]

"I have abandoned all emotions as useless sentimentality."

Initial pitch for Death:

"fourth-born, the final child of Vengeance to be born into this world. Death is atramentous black, with dull grey eyes. solitary, cool, calculative; a shadow."

[Image: 08AuEMI.png]

[Image: unknown.png]
Inspired by Papa Emeritus and his masked followers from the Swedish band Ghost (B.C.).

Ash and coal
Stocky and gigantic

"Born of ash and coal, Death will be forged into iron with nerves of steel. Cold, calculating and with a clear devotion to none but his own interests. Blood is everything and he will protect his own with his life. Will grow to appreciate the beauty around him. He will not be a beast of blood lust, just detached from the world as if lost in a cloud of mist."
"Nightwalkers is home, for however long it will suite his family's needs. Dutiful and perhaps a little self-centered, he will battle to gain the affection of those around him. A rather quiet kid with a lot going on behind his dull eyes, trying his best to make sense of the oddities life has to offer. Will adapt to his strange upbringing effortlessly, but will find it hard to make changes later in life. Will develop a strange obsession with bones and skulls, collecting them."

06.01.2020 Conceived
11.03.2020 Borned








Dame: Eirwyn
Sire: Vengeance Rache
Clan: Conquest "Connie" Rache , Pestilence "Pest" Rache & Famine Rache
Via Nadia: Abaddon
Via Serem: Valium , Lithium

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