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appearance: meebee & wilthking
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Full Name: Marble Pendragon
Subspecies: buffalo x gray wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 0 (6/20/2020)
Birthplace: Sagtannet Sunspire
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[Image: 827c279b0e1a0c77ec6ea781b873d09a.gif]
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Marble is currently away. Reason: im gay
Away Since: Yesterday — Returns on: Unknown

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HP (100/100)

“ ... ”

slightly chubby white puppy

parents: star & howl
littermate: calcifer

*half siblings (through Howl): faye, ravaryn, & shiloh
[Image: image0.png]

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NO OOC PLOTTING. If you’d like a thread please tag me and I’ll reply if Marble is available.
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