Profile of Necahual: Quick Facts
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Mate to Vein
Played By: R/Rachel
Basic Info
Full Name: Necahual (neé Amaltéa, Hui, Wördronna, Awenfen, Aerin Bonesplinter)
Subspecies: Wolfdog (50% Saluki, 50% Arctic)
Size: Tiny, Thin
Sex: Female
Gender: Cisgender female | Partner:
Pronouns: She/her
Age: 4 (summer, 2017)
Birthplace: North | Hearthhome:
At a Glance
spruce, sage, blood, soil, clover, creekwater.
speaks in a silken rasp. a lilting accent something like a bastardized union of Russian and French.

Profile of Necahual: Details

Otherworldly and alien. Elven and ethereal. A sliver of moonlight propped up by bird bones and spindly limbs, nympish and delicate. A graceful swan-like creature composed of willow curves and sweeping lines. Oft bowed in habitual obeisance and pirouetting on tiny paws, lilt whispering on soft lips. A brumal sprite of winter, snowcoated with a voice like icicles tinkling in the wind. seelie eyes of silver dawn - streaked with facets of pale evergreen - observe the world in mute fascination.

• Pale, downy and thin-coated - faintly pink in sunlight. Rosaline skin.
• Partial heterochromia - milky opalite eyes of moonstone, tinted by spring green.
• Svelte and sleek, currently sporting a loose pouch of skin along her underbelly in place of her previous baby bump.
• Heavily scarred (bites and scratches, gashes and slashes, etc.)
• Sainte-marked. Bears an aurochs symbol () upon her nape, branding her as belonging to Kynareth Deagon's Saints of the Dying Light.
Alignment: True Neutral | Personality Type: | Zodiac: Aries | Aura: | Tarot: | FC:

• 21 inches
• 59 lb

Caregiver (5/5)
Sitter (1/10)
Midwife (5/10)

Mercenary (4/5)
Guardian (0/10)


Fated by chance, the daughter of winter was borne of two worlds. Wan and pale as the full moon that witnessed her birth.

Her dam was perse, a purebred saluki, a housepet. A spur-of-the-moment purchase for her mistress, a young human with a soft spot for dogs and a momentary aspiration for breeding/showing, Perse was originally intended for competing yet became a companion instead following her owner's marriage and relocation to Washington state the following year.

It was here that she came into heat for the first time and allowed a young dispersal to mate with her; he was drawn by the pheromones of her ovulation and had followed them onto the private property, digging his way beneath the fence.

Seeing as her humans had relocated with the intentions of beginning their lives together and starting a family, they were infuriated upon realizing the Saluki had fallen pregnant. At the very least, they figured they could drop the puppies off at a local shelter once they were weaned, provided they couldn't find anyone to take them. Yet, they wound up keeping a single pup when the time came - the only in the litter who resembled a Saluki.

She knew a few short months with her mother, unable to develop speech skills properly on account of her dam's clipped vocal chords. However, this did little to prevent her mother from providing her with a rosy childhood. The snowy child knew a small world but a joyful one: chasing falling leaves in the yard, frolicking in snow, long naps on the couch tucked against the downy underbelly of her mother.

At four months old, her humans realized just how much energy a wolfdog pup had and decided they just couldn't handle it anymore - with a baby on the way, they hadn't the time to trifle with a hyperactive, exuberant dog.

Awenfen was taken in by a wolf and canid sanctuary, raised and given the best survival skills possible by the volunteers and other lupines residing there she interacted with. At eight months, she was released into the wilderness to find her own footing.

For many moons the girl simply wandered, observing her own kind from afar and learning to stay alive with the limited schooling she'd had on such a perilous subject. When at last, the temptations of society and security became too much, the adolescent attempted to join a nearby pack but botched it by mistakenly trespassing.

She was attacked and seized at the borders, drug before the leader (Rajhan) and imprisoned. It took but a week of isolation in the depths of the caves and an hour of torture to break the girl. Within a month of being kept in the dark and treated to unimaginable, unending pain, she knew nothing but subservience. With ash on her tongue and pillars crumbling, she fell on bended knee.

They made a thief of the yearling: deploying her on missions to infiltrate other coalitions under the guise of being a recruit. After a few months of gaining her "pack mates'" trust and collecting information, she would return to Grinestone Ravines and reveal what she'd learned. All the while trying not to think of what may happen to those she'd falsely befriended.

When a convoy from Timber Falls, an ally pack, arrived for a trading expedition several moons later, Awenfen was gifted to the Falls wolves for her healing abilities - which she was studying under the tutelage of an older Grinestone slave.

Timber Falls was a serene servitude, the half-breed was treated kindly and the work was wholesome: healing and caring for the young and infirm, an absolution to her era as a bandit and liar. She knew a measure of respect, interacted with as if she were an employee of sorts and gifted small freedoms: to roam the territory, play with the children, study with the elders, and partake in the Falls' shamanic/druidic religion. they called her Awen of the Fen (for the Druids' Fen, an internal territory where their pack gathered to worship), or Awenfen for short, for hers was the gift to inspire and revive.

Within five months she had earned her rights to status, and was a free woman in the eyes of the grove. Sovereignty was liberating. In all her life, the fae had never known the ability to choose or decide: to stay or go, to indulge or revel. She wintered with the falls pack, intending to set out in the spring with a smoldering itch to seek new territory, find her tribe.

These plans would be stalled however, as she was beginning to prepare for her journeys; the death of a trespassing vixen would sweep through the grapevine and in time, Awen would examine the body amongst the other healers in the pack.

Only she seemed to be struck by the fact that the fox was nursing, only she appeared to be concerned for the fate of the thief's doomed kits. Creeping from Timber Falls, the druid would foray into the outside world for the first time since arriving, returning with a mewling fox kit clasped in her jaws.

It was agreed that the half-breed could keep the kit and rear it, provided they both moved on when the tiny vixen was of weaning age. With the aide of a few nursing she-wolves in the pack, Awenfen knew motherhood at an early age - and took to it with natural talent. Indeed, it seemed the waif was born to be a mother. She cherished her adopted daughter with as much love as she would have a bairn of her own bloodline, devoting herself fully to the task of raising her newfound ward, bestowing upon her the name of Li.

The unorthodox mother-daughter duo shared a handful of laughter filled months: a golden summer period of wading and fishing, tending the gardens, and wrestling about in cool beds of clover.

But as all good things must end, so to would this fleeting bliss.

Li was beginning to eat regurgitated meat, a sign that their life in the falls was drawing to a close. Awenfen was beginning to set things in motion, laying plans in place for their departure and upcoming travels. On an inappropriately sunny and cheerful day, a hunting party from a neutral pack, Dredguild, arrived at the borders.

One male in particular, Aliroth, was intrigued by the unusual female living amongst the Falls druids. Beguiled by her strange beauty and obsessed with the delicacy of such a breakable toy - he insisted that she be gifted to him for a bride, as show of good faith.

Though outnumbered by Awenfen's pack and holding no alliance with its members, it was well known that the disciples of Dredguild were volatile and destructive. A battle, or possibly even a war, could ensue if they denied such a high-ranking male of the group his claim. There was little choice but to submit and surrender the woman to her fate.

Separated from her vixen daughter, on account of her new mate's prejudices, the young mother was forced to leave behind everything she knew. Any chance at the new life she'd planned was washed away by a typhoon of violence and abuse. Her spirit crushed, her body used, her heart descimated; she endured humiliation and cruelty with faltering resilience.

A forced pregnancy served to isolate her further, leaving her reliant upon Dredguild and smothered beneath her mate's thumb. The birth of an unwanted daughter in place of a litter of strapping sons saw her beaten nearly to death and cast out of the den with the cooling body of her murdered pup thrown out into the rain beside her.

It was on this night that she ran. And for every night that's followed, she's kept running.

Wanders the wilds in an attempt to confuse any trackers that may be hunting her.

Attempts to join Seelie Court.

Joins Reneian Empire, pledging her services as a midwife to Reiko - forging an immediate bond of loyalty to the Empress, and the Queen, Ibis, by extension.

Takes Reiko on as a patient and recruits Collision as a guardian to help her watch over any future pups.

Has a brief fling with Memory which ends when the healer begins to feel pressured by the male.

Adopts three orphaned starlings.

Grows suspicious of Hime and goes on a vigilante mission to find the Empress after Reiko dissapears from the Vale, convinced that Hime has harmed her sister in some way.

Her suspicions extend to Takeshi when he is crowned emperor and Fen subsequently refuses to acknowledge him as her leader. This treason would result in her exile, Takeshi banishing her from the Empire.

Awenfen sets off into the wilderness of Teekon, determined to found a sanctuary of her own.

Travels southward across Teekon until an unexplained event occurs and knocks her off course. She is found just outside the borders of the Saints of the Dying Light by a friend, Donovan Azura, badly beaten and sexually assaulted. A bull's head, a symbol of the Saints, has been carved upon the back of her neck.

Leaves the saints suddenly, driven by the need for retaliation. Tracks Aliroth to the northern shores of British Columbia and kills him.

Returns to teekon, withdrawn and lost within herself. Aerin travels west across Rising Sun Valley, aimlessly bound for the familiarity of the Sunspire, when a blizzard strikes and traps her in Herbalist's Cache for the duration of January 2021. Another rogue, Lovecraft, happens to be in the area and is also confined to the territory. Due to the circumstances, Aerin and Lovecraft team up to survive the blizzard.

Begins to process the trauma she's undergone in the past several years. This starts around the beginning of February when the blizzard lets up at last and Aerin continues her journey into the Sunspire.

Aerin plans to return to Redsand Canyon - realizing that she is not quite ready to give up on the world entirely, and that she misses being amongst the Saints. in particular, she has unresolved feelings for Donovan.

Aerin is setback with an emotional blow by the sight of the abandoned Canyon - the Saints nowhere to be found - but continues on, assuming Donovan and his followers to be dead and/or scattered to the wind. She travels across the Flatlands and settles at Serpent Lake in the southern reaches of Kintla. Aerin maintains a temporary residence here but continues to roam, exploring the unfamiliar western half of Teekon for the first time.

Surprisingly, Aerin reunites with Kynareth (Donovan) near the Hinterlands and discovers that he has remarried, and that the Saints have moved to a new territory. She returns home with the couple, rejoining the ranks. Inwardly, Aerin determines to befriend the distant and wary Simmik, Donovan's wife.

Settles back into life with the Saints, beginning her training as a combat medic and meeting Vein -- whom she soon develops a light crush on. She is also attacked by Whrist for no reason, at about the same time that Simmik is attacked by Nyra for seemingly no reason -- leading Aerin to become wary of her own packmates, uncertain of who is trustworthy, much like Simmik. This only furthers Aerin's resolve to become close with the Sandraudiga -- especially when she begins to suspect that Simmik may be pregnant.

Aerin settles into the Strath overtime and begins to find closure. She reconciles her conflict with Whrist and learns that the majority of her packmates are actually quite kind and welcoming. She makes friends in Simmik, Nyra, Arlette, Patroclus (who begins counseling her through her grief), and Vein.

Aerin and Vein begin to work together, the shaman taking Aerin under his wing as he mentors her in the ways of his gods and the new healing methods he has brought to Teekon from his homeland. The two begin to grow closer through this and soon begin falling for each other. In early spring, Aerin approaches Kynareth and Nyra to ask permission to mate with Vein and bear his children when her heat cycle begins.

With her leaders' approval, Aerin and Vein get hitched and copulate during her heat which results in the halfling falling pregnant. Shortly after this, Aerin is promoted to The Priestess rank.

Aerin gave birth to a single daughter later that summer, Momotzli Ix Chel. This seemed like happily ever after for the combat medic and her mate but shortly after, Vein became addicted to poppy tea and their marriage began to unravel beneath the added strain of having a child.

Leaves the Saints.

Daughter of Persephone "Perse" .
Mother to Li (adopted) and an unnamed daughter (c. 2019, by Aliroth Graeme).
Mother to Momotzli Bonesplinter (c. 2021, by Vein).

Ex-wife to Vein Bonesplinter .
Ex-wife to Aliroth Graeme .
Formerly affiliated with Memory , Empress Reiko Izuka , Dægmar Maoilrian , Sunrea Maoilrian , Simmik "Monarch" Sandraudiga , Kynareth Deagon .

Midwifed to Vespera Izuka (delivered Joheras and Isadora ). Midwife and wet nurse to Sunrea Maoilrian (delivered Ronan Maoilrian , Cillian Maoilrian , and Oisin Maoilrian ). Midwifed to Nyra Nightwish (delivered Lotus Nightwish ).

Physician to Empress Reiko Izuka , Hiromi Hakuryū, Vespera Izuka , Cordelia Valois , Memory , Will-o'-the-wisp (Rabe) , Simmik "Monarch" Sandraudiga , Arlette , Nyra Nightwish , Whrist

Former milkmother and governess to Prince Haruki Izuka , Princess Hotaru Izuka , and Princess Sumi Izuka .

Has allies in Will-o'-the-wisp (Rabe) , Donovan Azura (Kynareth Deagon) , and Lovecraft .
Has enemies in Aliroth Graeme and Takeshi .

alive, missing/presumed dead, deceased

*Awenfen is polyamorous/polygamous and as such may be drawn to numerous individuals. Within her culture it is the norm to have multiple lovers and take multiple spouses. However, after entering into a courtship with Vein, Aerin has converted to monogamy.
Pack History
Lone wolf


TIMBER FALLS: Slave, Mender


Lone wolf

RENEIAN EMPIRE: peasant, Lady, Viscountess

Lone wolf



Lone wolf


Acolyte, Specialist, The Priestess

Lone wolf
Profile of Necahual: Additional Information
Registered on February 06, 2020, last visited (Hidden)
Epithets: fae, seelie, sprite, nymph, sylph, doe, hart, blanchard, dove, swan, wisp, waif, wraith, ghost, spirit, Saint, sainte, healer, midwife, milkmother, combat medic, etc.

• Aerin struggles minimally with speech, having developed her verbal skills after the crucial childhood stage. As such, she will never be fully fluent and will always possess a strange manner of talking.

° This toon is highly intuitive and extremely empathetic. If something in a particular thread seems like an overstep (Aerin guesses at something or makes an assumption based off your wolf's character or behavior) then please PM me and we can chat about it. I dont bite and would be very understanding about needing to edit something!
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"You see, I got a bullet for a tooth and
I'm gonna use it to shoot you."
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Player Notes
Hello! I'm R (Rachel) and I've been an on-and-off member of the WOLF community since 2015 and I've been creatively writing short stories and poetry for about 8 years now. When not writing on WOLF, I'm usually kept pretty busy by a fulltime job in an industrial setting (I package food bags/wrappers and product bagging), online courses to become a certified dental assistant, and a busy home life. I'm happily engaged to my current partner and we plan to marry sometime in 2022. Between the two of us, we have a beautiful son (my stepson whom I hope to adopt someday in the near future) and we are currently expecting a little girl in June this year. :) We don't have many pets atm but we do share our apartment with an aquarium of freshwater fish (as my stepson is obsessed with sharks and all things aquatic, plus my fiance and I are pretty avid fishkeeping hobbyists) and plan to open our home to some other small critters soon. Outside of WOLF and gaming, our only other interests include D&D campaigns when we can find the time!

Primary toons: Lótë (Moonglow), Imaq (Duskfire Glacier)
Secondary toons: Aerin (Loner), Momotzli (Loner) Sikuliak (Duskfire Glacier)
Tertiary toons:
Retired: Gunhild, Aiyy Kuo, Drifter/Holokai, Matias, Aerenys

I don't have many rping policies to speak of. I don't mind a bit of pp but I prefer that other writers reach out to me for clarification rather than make assumptions. I don't have Discord as it doesn't work very well on my mobile and I've had a lot of issues with the app in general in the past but I am always available on PM and don't mind answering any questions or plotting out any concepts. I'm generally very laidback and amiable -- I do my best to accommodate everyone and be as courteous as possible. So, please don't hesitate to hit me up regarding plots, threads, questions, etc. <3 As a note, I generally archive threads after they've gone without a response for a month.
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