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Played By: Lieu
Basic Info
Full Name: Valtýr Sveijarn
Subspecies: 50% Northern Rocky Mountain x 50% Russian Gray Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 6 (June 20, 2014)
Birthplace: Swiftcurrent Creek, Teekon Wilds
At a Glance
A tall, evenly-made man. Slim features but well cut and handsome. Sandy all over with rich smatterings of burnt vermilion over his face and limbs. Penny copper eyes.
Profile of Valtyr: Details

BUILD Tall; Slim; Filled Out;

The second born child, firstborn son, is an even mix of both his sire and dam and features many qualities of his dual ancestry. Valtýr is a sandy creature, with a blackened muzzle and brackish figure, mostly resembling a summer wolf's dusty pelt. While his coltish limbs and ears are set ablaze like fire, the Sveijarn's body remains a cooled silver and tawny, sprinkled with banded charcoal hairs. Bronze eyes, welded deeper than his father's, are bright and knowing. His conformation is tall and lean, but well-filled with strong, youthful features. Valtýr's face is distinct; a wedged-shaped, chiseled skull with thin cheeks and an innately masculine jaw.
passive · centered · good-natured · bleeding heart · humorist
Valtýr was born to Njal and Tuwawi Sveijarn during a fruitful summer amidst Swiftcurrent creek. Though their first litter, his parents had declared their loyalty to one another for some years and deeply desired children of their own. The alpha at the time, Fox, permitted their union to occur and thus Swiftcurrent saw the birth of its first children: Jokull, Larus, Valtyr, and Maera. However, the time of peace was not to last. The leadership grew tumultuous, resulting in an altercation between Fox and her beta. With the young Bazi now at the helm, Tuwawi and Njal desired to branch out and find a purchase to call their own. They departed with their family and a small party to found Duskfire Glacier.

Unfortunately, the new family saw little peace. Though their choice of territory was pristine, the infant pack saw new dangers arrive with the bitter cold of the North. Lynxes freely roamed the mountainside, and multiple scraps occured between the wolves and cats. Eventually, one grew so bold as to capture the young Larus which sent the Duskfire pack reeling into chaos. Even though search parties roamed the land, their efforts were fruitless and Valtýr's brother was deemed lost forever. One night, the young Jokull slipped from the den in an effort to find her sibling. Tuwawi hastily followed her child into the night eager to keep her from the wilds. Val saw his mother leave the den and, in turn, left as well. However, the emeber was darted by researchers and airlifted away leaving both Valtýr and his sisters abandoned.

Wandering through the cold into the South, Valtýr was picked up by the mercy of a Ourboros Spine man named Lucius. He sought to deliver the young pup to his family but, in thanks to Val's terrible sense of direction, was dropped off by Blacktailed Deer Plateau instead. Here, he discovered a self-harmed Junior unconscious on the river's banks and laid besides her for warmth. Eventually the betas, Blue Willow and Lasher, found the duo and escorted Valtýr towards their home.

Now, he resides upon the plateau and often thinks about life, death, and purpose.
Grandmother · Palla Maike
Aunt · Dove Maike
Parents · Njal Sveijarn x Tuwawi Sveijarn
Littermates · Jökull , Maera , Lárus
Mate · Sybil Innisfree
Offspring · Ratha , Shea , Aisling
Pack History

[Image: gamekeeper.gif] · Gamekeeper
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