Profile of Norah: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Norah
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (March 2018)
Birthplace: Schwarzwald
At A Glance
Not a beauty in a classical sense, but has her appeal. Carries herself proud and with confidence.
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Profile of Norah: Details
Norah is a miniature and feminine version of her father Mahler - dark coat with ash and silver interspersed here and there. Silver-gray eyes inherited from her mother
Norah is clever and with a sharp tongue. Does not fear speaking her mind out loud boldly and does not get offended, if met with equal frankness. Sarcastic and ironic, when it is necessary, and sees the funny side to life.
Norah beat the odds of 1:400 000 000 and was conceived, when her mother had just lost her mate and a tall, dark and attractive suitor just happened to be in the vicinity at the right time in the right moment.

Her mother Helga was more interested in having children than tying the object of her week-long-stand down with her and therefore did not mourn much at all, when Mahler moved on and was never seen again.

Norah grew up, surrounded by intelligent and sharp-witted company of relatives, was spoiled, naturally, and never knew an unhappy day in her life. Things changed, when Helga became mates with a new man, with whom Norah could not get along.

Helga urged her daughter to explore the world and leave it to her to deal with the fool. As she put it: "I will have my amusement and, if it is ever required, I will kill him off quite legally." They parted on mutually cordial terms and been seeing each other on and off, when Norah happens to be in the vicinity of her former home.
Pack History
Mother - Helga
Father - Mahler
Siblings - her litter-mates perished from canine distemper infection. She has, however, many half-siblings and relatives on her mother's side.
Mommy's little princess all her life and even today.
Profile of Norah: Additional Information
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