Profile of Santiago Arcos: Quick Facts
Santiago Arcos
Mate to Clarence & Serem
Played By: Malia
Basic Info
Full Name: Santiago Gabriel Arcos
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Size: Large, Muscular
Sex: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 6 years (October 22)
Birthplace: A Spanish speaking country - In Captivity
At a Glance
[Image: 952e8de49dfe29460666a2f55521c6bc.gif]

Ghostly white eyes strike down most when he gazes at them. His fur along his face, neck, chest, and and front legs are raven black peppered with brown, and the rest of his body fades to white along his ribs.
His cropped ears and docked tail catch eyes for how unnatural the appearance seems. His left ear has an inch long neon orange tag clipped to it with numbers and symbols he’s unable to read. His long canines, metaphorically stained by the blood of hundreds of fights, gleam every time that dangerous smirk crosses his maw.
Profile of Santiago Arcos: Details
[Image: ddtfff8-b9f7fa6a-fe46-4b3a-93df-5f00194c...V4MU3--RFw]

185 lbs

Rain, Fire/Smoke/Ash

His massive size make him seem daunting, his mist white eyes seem to stare ghostly past anyone he sets his eyes on with a sort of sadistic, determined fire in them.
He has short cropped ears much like a Staffy or Pittie and a docked tail, where all is left is a tuft of hair or a short plume of a nub where his tail used to be. His head is big and wide and his body is to match–full of bulk and muscle.
The front half of his body is raven black, lightly peppered with a red-brown. As it reaches his ribs the black sleekly fades into white, leaving a streak of black, much like a stripe, sliding down to the base of his tail.
He has a deadly set of canines, some would say longer than most. They’re accompanied by his snaking, black-purple tongue. The paw pads of his hind legs are pink with speckles of black, while the front pads are black.
He bears multiple scars beneath his coat. Such as one scar about an inch thick around his neck from a chain that was worn too often and too tightly in the past.

Visible Scars
(From Inside the Teekon Wilds):
Has scratch like scars from top of his right cheek across his lip, ending at his chin from Taylor’s teeth. Thread here.
The top of his front, left paw is heavily scarred and the paw pad on the same foot is borderline deformed from scarring by Astara. Thread here.
Santi’s face is heavily littered with deep scars of every direction. Splitting his lip on the left side, exposing teeth. Two deep gashes fall from his forehead and down his left eye leaving it useless, moderately deformed, and milky white. Lastly another ragged scar lives diagonally across his neck where it was ripped open. All scars acquired from Nyra in this thread.

HEALTH (60/100)
Santiago is weak due to his injuries from his fight with Nyra.
☩ Insouciant ☩

☩ Individualistic ☩

☩ Witty ☩

☩ Haughty ☩

☩ Flirty ☩

☩ Secretly a soft boy (Sometimes) ☩

[Image: giphy.gif?cid=4d1e4f2980362c5e36082213e5...=giphy.gif]

He’s a mean amgry boi–a salty boi. He won’t hesitate to fight and kill and is sadistic and sarcastic. He loves teasing and scaring others even though only half of the time he’ll actually do something horrible. He has an explosive and interesting personality for the amgry boy he is. He’s also Omnisexual, he flirts with anything honestly; it’s also a part of his fucked up tense of humor to tease others as much as possible just for shits and gigs. Though he does have a soft side, it’s very well hidden and could possibly be impossible to get to. But it is possible!
He has many leader esc. characteristics as well, but is hard on those he believes could be better or those he wants to get better to benefit themselves. Though he seems savage and poised to kill anything on sight, he is smart and can see the logical side of things. Believe it or not, he can even make competent decisions not completely based on his undying desire to kill everything and/or being a salty boy. In other words he’s got characteristics of a one minded killer but can control it enough to do other things as well.

[Image: CollageMaker_20200506_225336400.jpg]
[Image: giphy.gif?cid=4d1e4f29468edff5f7c8c4f752...=giphy.gif]

Born in captivity, he undergoes rigorous training to fight and kill. As a pup, he gets his ears cropped and his tail docked as to not get them chewed off during battle.
His first real battle is when he was a year old. Since then he’s been fighting his own kind along with along with get put up against other species. He’s been pit up against dogs designed to kill him but he’s survived, ripped apart numerous bait dogs, hunted down and killed humans as well. Some humans he’s fought were given weapons where as he only has his size and his teeth–he still prevailed even though he’s sure they were intending to actually kill him.
The fighting ring he is a part of for the next three and a half years of his life gets busted. Himself and many others of his kind get put in cages. He attempts to fight his way out, they weren’t able to put him in a cage with getting killed or wounded. So they tranquilize him. Best thing he knows he’s out in a vast expanse of forest. He woke up to a small inch long, neon orange tag on the outside of his left ear. He’s got no idea what it means but he’s failed at getting it off. Perhaps he’d find someone to rip it off for him.
Though his only idea is that he finally got set free. Or so this is the freedom he’s been told about by the others he’s met and sat beside in cages and kennels merely minutes or hours before he’s ripped their throats out. Had they set him free? What did he do to deserve freedom? Now he’s been steadily getting used to his new home out in the wild, wondering for his so called “new home”.
Pack History
^ 06.15.21 - Present

^ 05.12.21–06.15.21

^ [Algea] 05.07.21–05.12.21

^ 04.29.21–05.07.21

^ [Major] 05.2.20–05.7.20 / 06.21.20–07.20.20
^ [Consort] 04.18.20–05.2.20 / 05.7.20–06.21.20
^ [Grunt] 03.28.20

^ 02.18.20
Profile of Santiago Arcos: Additional Information
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Trade Progress:

- 5/5
- 1/20

- 4/5
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[Image: 333.png]

Current Location:

Great Bear Wilderness


Mate to Clarence and Serem

Other Info.:

He has a notable Spanish accent with a deep rolling voice that captivates much as it terrifies.
*This amgry boi is intended for a moderately mature audience. Just in case lol.*


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Player Notes
I’m down for any type of suggestion for him! No need to ask to harm unless it could be life threatening.
If a thread is getting boring, you’re not feelin it anymore, or wanna start a new one just pm me or ask!
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