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Basic Info
Full Name: Orlaith Ó Cionaoith
Subspecies: Mixed Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 Years (2-13-2018)
Birthplace: Distant Forests
At A Glance

no longer writing on wolf!
discord is notmailman #0420

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Orlaith is currently away. Reason: depression
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Profile of Orlaith: Details

injury notice!
she has lightning scars on her right arm.

She is like the suns setting on a winter day. Beautifully black and white, with the hints of a lovely light auburn hitting just right. Her back contained a coat of the night, while hints of the fire and snow upon her saddle, then sloping down to a gray, and yet another flame before settling for the winter. Her whole undercoat is that of snow white, all the way to her face and to the cheeks, to the pointed Siamese tail. A mask of fire, while the olives glow through with a fiery. She stands proud and dignified, a large warrior and a guard. Tall posture, through large height and weight. Though with skill, she has muscle, a sovereign in the making.

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