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Basic Info
Full Name: Huojin Wang
Subspecies: Coastal Wolf (Ankyran)
Sex: Male
Age: 0.4 (05/14/2020)
Birthplace: Yuèlóng (Wheeling Gull Isle)
At A Glance
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                pulling my weight in gold, fire, the meaning of his name. huojin bears a vibrant red-orange coat with faint brown undertones, similar to his father. white is streaked along his underbelly, paws, and the lower half of his face. sea-blue eyes are developing their golden inner rim.

        his accent is a strange mix from several different languages. huojin is most comfortable speaking mandarin, his mother’s native tongue, but can sometimes be heard speaking in greek. the ragged undertone of his voice (which he has yet to grow into) will be apparent regardless.

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Pack History
born to ruò and aiolos.

cousin to huāzhen, meizhen, yingyue, yunxu, nüwu, luli, haoming, and xiaoqing.

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