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Reneian Empire

Basic Info
Full Name: Hiromi Kazue
        Name Meaning: "Generous Beauty" "Harmony, peace"
Nicknames: Mimi meaning "beauty, dream"
         pronounced "here-oh-me" "kah-zoo-eh"
Subspecies: Arctic Wolf
Zodiac: Cancer ♋︎
Sex: Female
Age: 2.2 years (December 21st, 2017)
Birthplace: Frosted Pass
         the winter solstice
At A Glance
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hiromi is a girl of delicate and feminine stature, build not for the tasks of a warrior but rather as that of a runner. slender legs taper to tiny toes, making ever step seem to be taken with care and poise. a long fluffy tail accents her emotions and movements. her fur is the purest whites with a blemish or two of charcoal along her spine and shoulders.

her eyes are of a gentle pink champagne, golden flecks around her pupils.
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Pack History
daughter of airi and kenji , sister to eiichi and twin to daisuke

In love with yuudai & reiko

lone wolf
october 2019- present

izuka clan
december 21, 2017 - october 2019
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