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Reneian Empire

Mate to Hiromi

Basic Info
Full Name: Yuudai Hakuryū
        Name Meaning: "yuu" - hero & "dai" - great; "haku" - white & "ryuu" - dragon
        Nickname[s]: Yuu - by close relations only

Subspecies: Arctic Wolf
Zodiac: Taurus
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (March 14, 2017)
Birthplace: Frosted Pass
At A Glance
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Profile of Yuudai: Details

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A canvas strewn with old scars and wounds, evidence of his training as a warrior. Yuudai has a pale white coat, customary for that of an arctic wolf. Although physically intimidating, Yuudai is a relatively slim man, with long legs and a slimmer physique compared to other males in the pack. Only his eyes provide any colour, a beautiful shade of faded lavender.



“the way of the warrior”

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The Advocate
“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.”

Introverted · Sensitive · Decisive · Alturistic · Private · Perfectionist · Insightful



Raised by a single mother, his father was a simple means to an end, Yuudai takes very much after his mother. Soft spoken, kind, wary, and a fearsome warrior. Raised in the ways of Bushido, Yuudai’s mother, Sumi Hakuryū, brought her son up in the same environment. Returning with him to her natal pack she swore allegiance to her best friend and his family, Takashi Izuka (the late King of the Izuka Clan). Yuudai came to regard Takashi Izuka as his father figure. To repay King Takashi and secure his place within the pack, Yuudai committed himself solely to the protection of the royal princesses, Reiko in particular.

After the King was married in an arranged marriage, the two Izuka Princesses were born. Reiko and Hime Izuka, were the heirs to the pack, and their father led with integrity and intelligence. Being almost a year older than the twin girls, Yuudai spent a fair bit of time with them. Watching them as the more experienced hunters found food. Born some days later was Hiromi, and her siblings who Yuu was also tasked with watching.

That was until the fateful day his mother passed away. During a particularly nasty seal hunt, Yuudai’s mother was killed, and he was tasked with taking up her role. As a high ranking warrior in the pack Sumi was the primary body guard for the royal family. A task now left to Yuudai. Taking his job seriously, he watched over the family diligently and grew close to Reiko. Forming a solid kinship in the royal princesses and her dutchess, Reiko and Hiromi.

When an avalanche kills the King and Queen, Yuudai is distraught and flooded with a sense of guilt at not protecting them better. His only doubt, the knowledge that Hime Izuka would be taking up the mantle as Queen. When Reiko is cast out of the pack, Yuudai is torn between his duty to the royal family as a whole and the feelings he has developed for his friend. Sadly he watched her go. Yuudai tried to remain with the Izuka Clan, but found the new Queen as cunning and devious. With a little persuasion from Hiromi, the pair set out in search of their friend and rightful Queen, Reiko.

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merc - {0/5}
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Pack History
Family Tree

Mother: Sumi Hakuryū
Father: Unknown, Takashi Izuka {father figure}
Sibling(s): Fumiko Hakuryū

Mate: Hiromi Hakuryū {nee Kazue}
         {xhiromi | May 2020}
                kazuhiko hakuryū
         {xreiko| May 2020}
                haruki izuka* | hotaru izuka | sumi izuka

*genetically takeshi’s son
Crush: Reiko


Reneian Empire        {march 28, 2020 - present}

Lone Wolf
{jan 2020 - march 27, 2020}

Izuka Clan
{birth - december 2019}

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