Profile of Evien: Quick Facts
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Played By: Van
Basic Info
Full Name: Evien Kastner
Subspecies: 75% timber wolf, 25% red wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (deceased) (5-14-2018)
Birthplace: Outside Teekon Wilds
At a Glance

[ H 25" | W 74 lbs. | T ectomorph ]

Profile of Evien: Details

Evie is, for lack of a better term, cute - as much as he despises the idea. He's relatively small and compact, but lightweight. There's not a lot of muscle mass on his body, and one might think he would be quite fast. That is, of course, had he not been born with one issue. His left hind leg does not work properly, and he puts little to no weight on it. Therefore, he walks with a limp. This has slowed him down thoroughly throughout his life, but he has found ways to work around it. He was never really able to hunt any land animal - as they are too quick for him - but he's never been far from water for most of his life, and Evie is an exceptional fisherman.
Evien's fur is mostly brown, mottled in shades of chocolate. His ears, tail, and legs are darker than the rest of his body, and three of his paws are even darker than that. The only lighter paw is ironically the dysfunctional hind leg. He has a lighter chin and cream beneath his eyes, which are a deep shade of forest green. He is highly expressive and it doesn't take a genius to tell what he's feeling at pretty much any point in time. Evie is a cutie-patootie and everyone should love him, look at him, he is practically made of tasty tasty tasty chocolate! This is filler text but it is not wrong. He thinks everyone else is cute but he's the Most Cute.


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Profile of Evien: Additional Information
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as of september 3rd, 2020, evien's left eye is rendered blind
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