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Full Name: Miseria Blackfeather
Subspecies: Mixed Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (May 4, 2020)
Birthplace: Onyx Hollow
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an instance of one celestial body afflicting another;

the spitting image of her father鈥攎inus the distinctive orange "pit stains." the only color is found within her eyes: a disarming pair of flames. burn scar grooves her right-facing neck, cheek and face. inherited the sad and brooding sides of both her parents. alienated from peers in likeness, since her separation from her brother, she's taken a fear of being perceived. often compared to a child that never allowed themselves to speak or be seen. her thoughts are more unkind than what she says. convinced no one can understand her.
perceptive, stubborn, resigned, emotionally inarticulate

i don't do well under pressure, i feel overwhelmed

miseria has contradictory desires, not wanting to be open or perceived past face value because of her vulnerability while also held by someone who shares approval of her, most notably adults or men, nor can she stand being a replaceable vessel.

Pack History
parents: maegi & titmouse
littermate: hypnos
siblings: blueberry (2021)
half-siblings (via maegi): sobek, sakhmet, anansi
meemaw and pawpa's recent escapades: peregrine, prevost, vesper

maternal grandparents |
Potema & Cicero

Aunts and Uncles |
Ramsay, Euron, Vaati, Ganondorf, Koume, Kotake, Astara, Averna

Cousins |
Xizur, Tizir, Hela, Scylla, Aventus, Avicus

Others |
Bane, Damien, Lumiya, Malcanthet, Megara, Miraak, Moath, Revan, Venamis, Zannah (WIP)

paternal grandparents |
Peregrine(?) & Fox

Aunts and Uncles |
Towhee, Phox, Orca, Oriole, Stoat, Tytonidae, Junior, Nightjar, Wildfire, Raven, Ferret, Gannet, Whip, Peter

Cousins |
Artaax, Blixen, Robin, Kiwi, Rorqual, Silkie, Tux, Weejay, Eljay, Vasa, Owen, Kite, Phoebee, Bateleur, Orr, Yossarian, Figment, Fennec, Meerkat, Alyx, Primrose, Quetzal

Others |
Dingo, Osprey, Sarah, Terance, Wraen (WIP)
onyx hollow: birth 鈥 ???
spiderling 鈬 ???
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Not playable until May 4, 2021.
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