Profile of Miseria: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Miseria Blackfeather
Subspecies: Mixed Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (May 4, 2020)
Birthplace: Onyx Hollow
Profile of Miseria: Details
sad and brooding [until i figure out images ill recopy code]
parents: maegi & titmouse
littermate: hypnos
siblings: blueberry (2021)
half-siblings (via maegi): sobek, sakhmet, anansi
meemaw and pawpa's recent escapades: peregrine, prevost, vesper

maternal grandparents |
Potema & Cicero

Aunts and Uncles |
Ramsay, Euron, Vaati, Ganondorf, Koume, Kotake, Astara, Averna

Cousins |
Xizur, Tizir, Hela, Scylla, Aventus, Avicus

Others |
Bane, Damien, Lumiya, Malcanthet, Megara, Miraak, Moath, Revan, Venamis, Zannah (WIP)

paternal grandparents |
Peregrine(?) & Fox

Aunts and Uncles |
Towhee, Phox, Orca, Oriole, Stoat, Tytonidae, Junior, Nightjar, Wildfire, Raven, Ferret, Gannet, Whip, Peter

Cousins |
Artaax, Blixen, Robin, Kiwi, Rorqual, Silkie, Tux, Weejay, Eljay, Vasa, Owen, Kite, Phoebee, Bateleur, Orr, Yossarian, Figment, Fennec, Meerkat, Alyx, Primrose, Quetzal

Others |
Dingo, Osprey, Sarah, Terance, Wraen (WIP)
Pack History
onyx hollow: birth — ???
spiderling ⇢ ???
Profile of Miseria: Additional Information
Registered on March 19, 2020, last visited (Hidden)
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