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Full Name: Astraeus Tonrar
Subspecies: Mixed (鹿/鲁 Timber, 鹿/鲁 Arctic, 鹿/鲁 Grey)
Physique: Meso-endomorph, tall -"
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (March 20, 2020)
Birthplace: Sawtooth Spire (Sagtannet)
Hearthstone: ( home? idk her! yolo )
At A Glance
left eye scar by pumpkin, little top bit of right ear tattered thanks to draper, left shoulder pit scar thanks to stjornuati.
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Profile of Astraeus: Details

[Image: astraeus-2.png]

Astraeus is the paragon of the coupling of the slime-femme form of his mother and the thew of his father. A wreath of grey calla lilies, forget-me-nots, moon carrot and silver burnia; the collected yet forgotten dust atop your apartment dresser. Misty-eyed (and rumored to see spirits) and the pining and ever-scheming Brutus. Sacrificing some of his sight has whetted his other senses, all the while his heart could be compared to a velvet pincushion. He wishes to be the poet; not the muse. Who really loves me?

On March 20, 2020 Astraeus is born to Agana of Rhaesuial in the Sawtooth Spire, unknown son to Kavik Tonrar. His mother disappears soon after his birth, and he found by Wintersbane and brought to nurse at Wylla's belly, regarding the man Mahler as his 'papa'. After a few motnhs, he is taken by Vulture, Condor, and Buzzard, and during his involuntary journey, kills Pumpkin in an act of self-dense, earning his first scar.

Astraeus is a dimgray-coated male with a dark chocolate and gainsboro saddle with olive irises.[1] Strands of light grey and silver form his cheekfluff as well as the fluff along the bluffs of his shoulderblades.[2] He also sport a dark mane, ear tips, and tail with a medium grey tail tip, along with a spanish grey mask.[3][4] Astraeus has a sprawling left eye scar, with dimmed verdant eye along with it.

weaversagana*, kavik*
surrogate weaverswylla, mahler
milk-kinphaedra, thade
maternal-kin 鈥 aulora*, vardon*, andraste*, hemera*
paternal-kinhelios*, lainie*, polaris*, zephyr*, soter*, morena*, manon*, alsek* & pele*

* unknown, 鈥 confirmed dead, close towards, missing 鈥 full tree

STR. 鈻犫枲鈻犫枴鈻♀枴鈻♀枴鈻♀枴
DEX. 鈻犫枴鈻♀枴鈻♀枴鈻♀枴鈻♀枴
PER. 鈻犫枲鈻♀枴鈻♀枴鈻♀枴鈻♀枴
WIS. 鈻犫枴鈻♀枴鈻♀枴鈻♀枴鈻♀枴
CHR. 鈻犫枴鈻♀枴鈻♀枴鈻♀枴鈻♀枴

*stats change as character develops
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