Profile of Clarence: Quick Facts

summer for the avi <3 tori for the collage

Mate to Santiago Arcos

Basic Info
Full Name: Clarence - 734T3
Subspecies: 90% wolf, 10% mixed dog
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (3/22/2019)
Birthplace: Washington, USA
At A Glance
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Profile of Clarence: Details
[Image: K4b8Ooa.png]An average-sized male with piebald fur patterning. Mostly white, with half of his nose pink and the other half black. Large, vibrant red eyes. One ear folds over halfway down and his tail curls slightly at the end. He is thin - certainly underweight - but his body is still densely packed with muscles. Long legs, but a compact build.
There are scars littered all over his body - little nicks and cuts and scrapes. Some new, some old. Most are covered by his fur, but he does have a larger one in the shape of an X on his right shoulder.

Leather-and-metal bracelet around his right foreleg from his time in captivity. Engraved with the code 734T3.

Height - 29in
Weight - 85lbs
Friendly - Gentle - Naive - Kind - Softhearted - Excitable - Childish
Profile of Clarence: Additional Information
Extremely strong sense of hearing.
Oddly good fighter - perhaps due to his past.
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