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Basic Info
Full Name: Cloudy
Subspecies: Eastern Timber wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (12/12/2018)
Birthplace: Outside Teekon wilds
At A Glance
With a quick run past Cloudy will look smaller than she is, keeping herself quite low to the ground. Her fur is seen as completely grey and her scars are not noticeable.
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Profile of CloudyWolf: Details
Cloudy is a wolf, small in size. Her legs are short but strong, making her fast and agile. Her fur is thick and still fluffy, much like a pup. A grey twinge danced over her back and under her muzzle. This female wolf had a rip in her left ear and a few noticeable scars on the back of her neck. Her eyes are a dull umber and her fur a lighter grey than the twinge on her back. In general, she is your average colored wolf.
This young wolf acts far from it. Cloudy is cautious about strangers and her actions, knowing that the wrong move could get you killed. She is quick on her feet and a smart wolf in general. However, this small wolf is kind and generous, in her old pack, she was seen as a mother figure to most. Despite her timid nature, she can fight and deal some damage. She is loyal to the best of her, much like most wolves.
Cloudy was born outside Teekon Wilds, in a pack not too far. Here, she was loved and cared for by her fellow pack members and family. For a long year, she lived here. Learning the ins and outs of pack life, learning to be loyal and the benefits of caring for everyone. Which she took to naturally. In a pack, her size didn't matter and she learned to use it to an advantage.

She was adventurous and outgoing, never taking no for an answer. That was until a small pack of wolves wandered into her pack's territory, they were vicious and didn't give a single wolf mercy. Cloudy knew no better than to protect her family, she didn't know that these wolves would be much stronger than her and instead of planning her attack she charged a wolf much bigger than herself. The she-wolf jumped onto his back and dug her claws into his flesh, snarling behind him. He in return threw her off and managed to get his jaws around the back of her neck. If his teeth sunk any deeper Cloudy would not be alive today but in a split second, she was ripped from his jaws; creating wide lacerations.

It was her alpha, he told her to run. She, of course, didn't want to but couldn't disobey him. With a whimper, she turned to run while her alpha stayed behind and fought for his pack and territory. That was the last she saw of those she held dear and still thinks of them. Hoping to one day maybe even see her alpha again. For now, she hopes to find a pack. Not feeling whole without one.

Her wounds were horrendous and almost killed her but with rest and stealth, she after months managed to heal, leaving her with some ghastly scars.
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