Profile of Haoniyao: Quick Facts

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Neverwinter Forest

Basic Info
Full Name: Haoniyao Mwashinga
        Pronounciation: hah-oh-nee-yah-oh mwah-shee-ngah
Nickname: Yao
Subspecies: Mexican Wolf x Gray Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (May 7, 2018)
Birthplace: Kereenyaga located in Texas
At A Glance
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Haoniyao is currently away. Reason: At university rn. Doing honors thesis.
Away Since: November 09, 2020 — Returns on: Unknown

Profile of Haoniyao: Details
At a glance: Bred and raised a warrior, though still young, his body is not yet at its full potential. He still bears teenage lankiness, with a heavy-set frame on thin limbs. Has a stoic demeanor, though this drops easily.

Health (100/100)
Current Physical Status: Healthy-looking and well-fed
Distinguishing Features: None

STR: 16 | DEX: 16 | CON: 17 | INT: 12 | WIS: 13 | CHA: 10
Height: 33.5 in / 85 cm (at shoulder)
Weight: 123 lbs / 55.8 kg
Fur Color(s):
 #381D0C #483F21 #9C7531 #D9AE61
Eye Color(s):  #EF6621

From Floriannn:

Voice: Seems deep and throaty, but when he is relaxed, it is more baritone than bass. Has an East African-like accent.

Reckless · Insecure · Superstitious · Considerate · Respectful

means 'you are courageous'. Haoniyao means 'born during a quarrel'.

Yao had to live up to both of those names throughout his short life. True to his name, he was born in the midst of a raid. His family, once barely a twinkle in their liege-lords' eyes, became renowned warriors with land and holding and renown and status. However, with peace comes a warrior's restlessness. Living with the stories of his family's heroics in that bygone era — his father losing an eye, his mother almost dying as she gave birth to him and his siblings, his uncles taking down a massive wolf, his aunt dying to protect his mother, to name a few — weighed heavily on the young lad, who had no battles to fight, no scars to earn and bear and tell stories of. He left to find these badges of courage and skill.

Or at least die trying.
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Pack History
LONE WOLF — April 2, 2020 to April 14, 2020
— April 14, 2020 to Present
Profile of Haoniyao: Additional Information
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I miss Tanzania, so I'm using Swahili for this character, sue me. Haoniyao speaks Kiswahili and Common, the latter with a strong accent, but it is not unintelligible. He uses the Common language most often and has a decent understanding of how to use it, but fails at slang and regional dialects.

His cultural and religious beliefs are a mix of Maasai, Iraqwe, and Hadzabe beliefs and traditions with a little Zulu warrior here and there, but isn't meant to fully reflect any tribe (I was only there for 50 days after all)
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Current Location  — Neverwinter Forest
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