Profile of Taikon: Quick Facts
Played By: Zina
Basic Info
Full Name: Taikon Yokoya Tse
Subspecies: Great Lakes wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 6 (January 20, 2015)
Birthplace: Riding Mountain
At a Glance
[Image: taikon_watercolor.jpg]
Profile of Taikon: Details
A white pelt adorned with creams and golds decorates the prince. Tawny spits rest at the back of his ears and backside. Dark markings stain just beyond his gold eyes where a speck of a brow might be, along with a thin saddle that decorates a sliver of his back beyond the shoulder.
[Image: EJwEzRY.png]
by Florian
β—† polite
β—† guarded
β—† loyal
β—† anxious
β—† empathetic
β—† direct
β—† politics
β—† hunting
β—† travel
β—† knowledge
β—† philosophy
Poisoned by his first love's tragic death, Taikon carries a lot of inner turmoil and baggage. He has a strong tendency to blame himself for anything bad in the world around him. Politics are of great interest to him, as well as philosophy. He moves to do what is right and what he believes in, regardless of the consequences. Typically direct and independent, he struggles to trust others fully. He has a white knight complex and tends to try to help those he thinks can't help themselves. Taikon is very loving by nature, an excellent listener, and logical without sacrificing compassion.

Greysexual and alloromantic for all genders

I. The Farukan Kingdom

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Beginningsβ€”Taikon was born to Queen Naya and King Mardok. He is the firstborn son and thus was the heir of the Farukan Kingdom until his exile at two years of age. As a royal of the Faruka, Taikon learned much about the ways of other cultures and religions. He has retained a desire for the pursuit of knowledge despite no longer agreeing with the methods used by the Queen.

Exileβ€” Being a prince, Taikon was betrothed to a woman from an early age. He noticed that he felt no sexual attraction toward her or anyone else. He met Cella, a coyote from an enslaved clan, not long after his second birthday. Strangely, he felt desire and romantic attraction toward her, and wed her in secret. Queen Naya discovered this unworthy coupling and had Cella killed not long after she announced that she was pregnant to Taikon. Queen Naya exiled him and stripped him of his title, forever staining him with bitterness.

II. The Teekon Wilds

  • Enters the Wilds being very anti-pack and bitter years after his exile
  • Meets Takiyok, Aphrodite, and Lunaria and forms a bond with each of them
  • Aphrodite convinces him to join Whitebark Stream
  • Aphrodite dies of a snake bite
  • Dawn is attacked by the budding Saints of the Dying Light
  • Whitebark Stream floods and the pack disperses
  • Takiyok convinces him to come to Sagtannet
  • Wylla tries to rally the pack for war against wolves in Dragoncrest Cliffs - Taikon questions her during a pack meeting
  • Mahler and Wylla divorce - Wylla leaves, Stag follows her
  • Mahler kicks Taikon out, Takiyok comes with because Mahler is being a dick
  • Takiyok and Taikon flee to the Sunspires
  • Taikon finds Zephyr concussed and seriously injured, Takiyok gets pissed about him bringing Zephyr with
  • Takiyok is injured by a cougar and also concussed, Zephyr drags her to safety
  • Taktuq flees from Easthollow, the group find her and bring her with
  • Taikon and Zephyr canoodle and develop strong feelings, Zephyr only tells him after they are intimate that he is transgender
  • On the other side of the Sunspires, Takiyok reveals her feelings for Taikon, and he tells her he is asexual - Zephyr hears part of the conversation
  • Taikon travels to Easthollow to warn the pack about Taktuq's attackers
  • At Duck Lake, Astraeus ambushes him and leaves a nasty neck wound that becomes infected
  • Taikon barely survives the infection, assisted by Rowan and cared for by Takiyok
Naya Tse β€” Mother
Mardok Grey β€” Father

Girlfriend: Takiyok
Pack History
Faruka β€” Prince (January 2015 - March 2018)
Lone Wolf β€” March 2018 - July 2020
Whitebark Stream β€” III (July 5, 2020 - August 13, 2020)
Lone Wolf β€” August - October 2020
Sagtannet β€” Thrall (October 21, 2020 - November 20)
Lone Wolf β€” November 20, 2020 - December 2020
Ivory Rose β€” Algea (December 2020 - May 9, 2021)
Lone Wolf β€” May 9, 2021 - Present
Profile of Taikon: Additional Information
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relatively thin from illness (Apr 13, 2020)
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