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Basic Info
Full Name: Taikon Yokoya Tse
Subspecies: Great Lakes wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 5 (January 20, 2015)
Birthplace: Riding Mountain
At A Glance
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Profile of Taikon: Details
He is a medium-large statured creature with a white pelt adorned with creams and golds. Tawny spits rest at the back of his ears and backside. Dark markings stain just beyond his gold eyes where a speck of a brow might be, along with a thin saddle that decorates a sliver of his back beyond the shoulder.
Poisoned by his first love's tragic death, Taikon struggles to maintain relationships and is drawn to constantly wander. It is very difficult for him to own his mistakes; pride and a fear of his own emotions are frequently problematic. Politics are of great interest to him, particularly the philosophies behind power structures. He longs to be loved and seen, though his outward veneer is direct and independent.
        Bruised and beaten, the wolf could barely walk when his mother looked at him with frightening repulsion and told him she never wanted to see him again. The Faruka pack watched in the shadow of the forest far beyond his mother; Taikon knew they were there from the low vibrato of growls that reached him. For weeks it had been leading up to this point. He knew that it was only a matter of time once they had discovered the pregnancy.
        As he walked away from his mother, his head held low, a few moments went by before a fierce and terrible rage took him. He felt the heat flood through his heart and consume his throat and face. Burning, he looked back at her with the fury of a hungry soul. Cella and her pups will die, he thought, and barreled into the thick brush to reach her in time.
        Fueled by the disgusted and twisted faces when his family had found out what she was, and as a result what he was, Taikon pushed forward to her quarters, knowing in a deep part of him that he was too late.
        A snap at his heels and a bellowing “Wait!!” stopped him, and as he did the heat in his body was so fierce he was sure a blaze would start in the pine litter beneath him.
        “Markus, what do you want?” He asked with impatience, shaking his head. His ears were pulled sideways. Markus held his ground, though kept his head lowered such that his eyes pleaded further to his friend. Markus’s dark coat was riddled with conifer needles and dirt. His panting breath made speech impossible for an uncomfortable amount of silence.
        “Don’t go to her,” said Markus finally. “Please.”
        There was no more than a tired eye roll granted from Taikon before he shoved past Markus. He’d started at a running pace when Markus, a much smaller animal and one who had not the skill nor desire to win a fight, tackled Taikon from behind.
        Taikon snarled and threw his friend hard from him, drawing blood in Markus’s shoulder in the process.
        “LISTEN to me.” Markus was distraught. “It’s already done. You can’t save her. Please. There is nothing for you here. I wanted to stop it. She...She’s gone.” The dark wolf hung his head so low that his nose touched his paws.
        “I need to see.”
        “NO. It’s not...they did everything, Tai. They...I couldn’t..”
        Tears were streaming from Markus, but Taikon could not see them past his own wrath. The young wolf was left alone as the newly outcast warrior ran to his love’s cause.
The scent of blood is difficult to describe. The sensations associated with a heinous crime should never be described.
        He could hardly look at the sight at all before the proud prince collapsed completely in anguish, wailing to the uncaring moonlight. He howled and despaired for many hours there at the site of desecration. Only when the Farukans began appearing around him did he finally leave the area.
        For weeks he lingered beyond the pack territories, plotting how he could destroy them all for what they had done. Then, he began to blame himself for Cella’s fate. He stopped eating. As a shell of himself, the wolven prince languished
        The meager meals he scrounged tasted of ash. Sunlight was cold upon his shoulder. The rage that had flowed through his bones shifted to a bland and terrible carapace, stretched about him like a concrete wall.
        Some nights, he would awaken in deep terror with tears streaming down his face. Most, he didn’t sleep at all. On those cold evenings, the sight of Cella’s remains tortured his senses, and he could do nothing but shiver in uncontrollable pain.
Pack History
Naya Tse — Mother
Mardok Grey — Father
Faruka — Prince (January 2015 - March 2018)
Whitebark Stream — III (July 5, 2020 - August 13, 2020)
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