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Basic Info
Full Name: Piguktuk "Vex" Anneriwok
Subspecies: Mixed
Sex: Male
Age: 0 (June 28, 2020)
Birthplace: Noctisardor Bypass (Legion)
At A Glance
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Profile of Vex: Details
bleached throwback to his paternal grandfather.

SMELLS LIKE — musky-sweet decay of leaves

health (100/100)
adaptive. learning. a bully. haughty and cold. fluent in snarky and smartass. probably his parents' worst nightmare.
Slug is a cigarette lit in the darkest pew of a church; adaptive. A bullet in the chamber of a gun ready to fire; aimed. Bruised knuckles; a split lip, bloodied from a lack of desire to wipe it clean. He is a scarred palm, arm, ribcage from knife fights; a rough-hewn mercenary struck from rock. Hard edged and unapologetic savage. Serpentine and at times utterly apathetic; the serpent in the hallowed garden of eden. Deceptively cunning, though comfortable in the element of archaic and primitive silence and forms of communication he can easily and is encouraged to be considered simpleminded. Pride and greed are his greatest sins and finds himself naturally attracted only to and by strength and power; which is always where his loyalties lie. In these things the world is starkly black and white: you are strong or you are not and he has no regard for anyone who falls in between or what he, bias as he is, using his own scale of judgement, considers to be 'weak'.

Pack History
born of arbiter and kaertok alongside sisters haunt & royal . has several half-siblings via both parents.
Profile of Vex: Additional Information
Piguktukis haughty·by kaertok

will answer to both piguktuk or vex
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