Profile of Brave: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Brave Wolf of the Valley
Subspecies: Wolf Hybrid
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (April of 2019)
Birthplace: Round Valley
At A Glance
A stormy-looking young figure; tall and fit with an alluring air.
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Profile of Brave: Details
A dark cloaked figure, primarily draped in shades of ink with hints of chocolate brown throughout. The darker brown will likely fade to silver and grey as he reaches his late years, but in his youth he is a prowling shadow. He is a richly colored specimen with a body that is youthful and strong. Tall and lean, Brave does not seem to intimidate with dominate musculature, but instead hold himself with confidence that only his age could afford him. His features are moderately sharp, giving him some more defining features that tie him to Journey. His eyes are a striking oceanic green that look as though their color was pulled from the depths of the Caribbean waters. They are sharp and bright against his dark coat, but glitter with a sly charm.
Brave is a clever and bewitching presence. He carries himself with a full-body confidence, without proving himself to be overbearing. He's quick and often sly or teasing with his remarks. He has a tendency to provoke those he knows well, though the actions are made only in good jest. In spite of this nature, Brave is also mindful of those around him. He has a deep trust and loyalty to his family, friends, and companions. Beneath the cool and scheming exterior of the dark figure is a kinder and more genuine core. Fierce to protect those who are dear to him, Brave does not hesitate to right the wrongs that he sees. Overall, he is a well-balanced individual - a sly and charming creature with a warm core and rare moments of silliness.
Brave was born alongside his sister Journey in Round Valley. He grew up surrounded by a large and supportive family. After some tragedy struck and Huskarl passed away, Lavender opted to return to the Teekon Wilds and allowed Brave and Journey to remain behind for a while. After some time, the two siblings bid farewell to their family and set out on their own adventure. Seeking the familiarity of their kin and the unfamiliar alike.
Pack History
Father: Huskarl
Mother: Lavender
Sister: Journey
ROUND VALLEY - 04/07/2019 - 05/01/2020
LONE WOLF - 05/01/2020 - Present
Profile of Brave: Additional Information
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