Profile of Raimo: Quick Facts
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Played By: Talamasca
Basic Info
Full Name: Raimo Ivarsteadof Round Valley
Subspecies: Tiimber Wolf
Size: Medium, Athletic
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/him
Age: 4 (May 13th 2018)
Birthplace: North
At a Glance
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Profile of Raimo: Details
Sleek, trim, and pantherine; one gold eye, one brown.
High energy, most of which is focused in to hunting and tracking. Very strong bonds with family—would do anything in the name of blood ties. Competitive around older siblings, with a tendency to "see no wrong" in his bigger brothers and sisters. Becomes apoplectic when his family is insulted, and even though Raimo is a proven hunter, he will focus his skills and all that rage on those that wrong him or his family.
After growing up in a busy family and seeking the limelight any way he could, Raimo's focus shifted in to a provider role which cooled him off. He grew up with stories of the Teekon Wilds filling his mind. Eventually the idea of exploring became his obsession and so he dispersed, first to Round Valley and then onward, to the Wilds.
Parents: Valhalla and Hersir
2016: Jarl, Huskarl
2017: Antonia, Leto, Skadi, Skraeling
2018 (littermates): Rosalind, Delano
In-Laws: Sunspot (via Jarl) and Lavender (via Huskarl)

Lover: Kukutux, Jakoul
Pack History
ROUND VALLEY (2019—2020)
KAISTLEOKI (May—June 2020)
MOONGLOW (February—May 2021)
SAPPHIQUE (June—July 2021)
AEGIS (August—November 2021)
AKASHINGO (June 2022—December 2022)
Trade Focus: Chronicler/Storyteller/Historian; Hunter/Tracker.
Profile of Raimo: Additional Information
Registered on May 22, 2020, last visited (Hidden)
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