Profile of Tahoe: Quick Facts
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Played By: April
Basic Info
Full Name: Tahoe McBride
Subspecies: Northwestern Wolf
Name Meaning: Lake
Sex: Male
Age: 5 years old (4/14/15)
Birthplace: Lamar Valley, Wyoming
At a Glance
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Profile of Tahoe: Details

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A tall, stoic wolf whose face is riddled with faded scars and possesses dull yellow eyes. A prominent long, skin-deep scar traces his left eye, noticeably whitish in hue. It stands out starkly against the dark coloration around his eyes—which vaguely resembles a mask. His ears are distressed; the left torn and the right notched. Tahoe is of roughly a tad larger than average and is primarily reddish-brown in color with pepperings of black along his spine. His undersides are cream with varying tones of grey blended throughout his pelt.








Simply, he is summed up to be a pragmatist and stone-faced misanthrope. Nonetheless, Tahoe's experiences have greatly molded him as an individual. His capricious mind relies solely on analytics, though his decisions are usually made in a moment of impulse. He appreciates solitude where he can find it, he prioritizes time to reorganize his thoughts rather than enjoying a volatile lifestyle of living in the moment. Tahoe has a bleak optimism instilled in him and rejects the idea of chosen fate. Though he'd hate to admit it, family life had softened his exterior. When confronted with a situation where he is ill-favored, he calculates his odds and relies on wit to escape it. Though toward those he has grown close to, he behaves much more warmly.

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Hi, I'm April! I've been writing for about four years or so, but took a bit of a break last year. I decided to make my comeback by joining Wolf! I'm absolutely hungry for threads right now, please feel free to send a message. I'll totally find a way to thread with you! I'm also available to spree on weekends.

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