Profile of Tahoe: Quick Facts
Lone Wolves

Basic Info
Full Name: Tahoe McBride
Subspecies: Northwestern Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 5 years old (4/14/15)
Birthplace: Lamar Valley, Wyoming
At A Glance
Tahoe is currently travelling with Alexandre.
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Profile of Tahoe: Details
A tall, stoic lupine whose face is riddled with faded scars and possesses dull yellow eyes. A prominent long, skin-deep scar traces his left eye, noticeably whitish in hue. His ears are distressed; the left torn and the right notched. Tahoe is of slightly above-average stature for his kind and is primarily light ashen in color. A peppering of black is present along his spine. His undersides are alabaster, though there are varying tones of reddish brown blended throughout his pelt.




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Simply, he is summed up to be a pragmatist and stone-faced misanthrope. The alignment which best fits him would be of a chaotic neutral. Nonetheless, Tahoe's experiences have greatly molded him as an individual. His capricious mind relies solely on analytics, though his decisions are usually made in a moment of impulse. He appreciates solitude where he can find it, he prioritizes time to reorganize his thoughts rather than enjoying a volatile lifestyle of living in the moment. Tahoe has a bleak optimism instilled in him and rejects the idea of chosen fate. He has a strong will, strong opinions, and a strong attitude. Though he'd hate to admit it, family life had softened his exterior. Nonetheless, his remarks are typically snide and he is blatantly unapologetic. When confronted with a situation where he is ill-favored, he calculates his odds and relies on wit to escape it. Though toward those he has grown close to, he behaves much more warmly.

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Tahoe had rather pleasant memories of his time as a youth. Most of the drama was centered around his siblings; to be frank, he appreciated it that way. That was until his stable world was racked by torment. It was the day his loathsome sister re-emerged into his life, whom fled promptly after slaughtering their own mother in plain daylight. He’d witnessed the heinous scene from a few mere feet away. Tahoe was never able to forget the emotions of that day, it forever changed him. Fear. Betrayal. Shock. His innocence was washed away by his mother’s spilled blood. Tahoe remembered how his emotions had paralyzed him. Internally, he vowed to never let it happen again. For now, he needed time to recuperate, alone. Over the period of a month, the bachelor abandoned the rest of his family unit and set out on his own. Undeniably, his heart yearned to rejoin them, so Tahoe decided to do so. The lupine brazenly ventured back into the thick of the territory he called home. This was a mistake. Instead of a warm reunification, Tahoe was greeted by gnashing teeth and snapping jaws. His pack had discovered his mother’s mangled cadaver during his prolonged absence, and in turn, they had forsaken him.
        Savagely, Tahoe was attacked. By some miracle, the bachelor had seized his opportunity and escaped his assailants. He had suffered substantial wounds. The one time he let his heart guide him, it had led him into peril. Tahoe’s saving grace came in the form of a young dispersal, whom took pity on his ill-fated circumstances and worked tirelessly to rehabilitate him. This female later became his mate.


The pair went on to establish their pack. By the time their pups were born, the original members of Tahoe's birthpack had either died or disbanded. Tahoe was the only successful offspring of the pack, leaving him to carry on their legacy. Reigning over his homeland once again, Tahoe chose to honor his ancestors and keep his birthpack's name alive; the Mollie's. Tahoe anticipated their pack to last much longer. In the winter of 2019, his beloved mate was murdered. This deeply sorrowed the male, causing him to enter a period of mourning. His offspring were quick to set out on their own. The widower had lost his foundation of stability. All semblance of normal life had disappeared within a month. On an inner quest for purpose, the male ventured far into the north, entering the Teekon Wilds.

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Profile of Tahoe: Additional Information

Chaotic Neutral        

”You can't decipher just who's on your side.”

unreliable · independent · callous · unpredictable · anarchic · unfettered · free · individualistic · capricious · self-reliant · aloof · apathetic · cynical · reclusive · distrustful · incredulous · observant · stoic · laconic · protective · vigilant · wary · perceptive · attentive · compendious


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