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Full Name: Miwa Matsuyo
Subspecies: Mixed
        * alexander archipelago, coyote, northern rocky mtns.,
        mackenzie valley wolf, etc.

Sex: Female
Age: 0 (06/20/2020)
Birthplace: Wheeling Gull Isle
        — yuèlóng
        — matsuyo-fearghal-ansbjørn
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Miwa is currently away. Reason: COVID-19 POSITIVE: shorter replies, might be slower.
Away Since: June 23, 2020 — Returns on: Unknown

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ref by summer
[Image: MfOkuXG.png]
this little girl is very much her mother's daughter,more so than the man she will never know to be her father. her fur is are dark as her mother's taking a midnight quality that gives off a blue black coloration under the sun. her eyes hold the same color, a seafoam green that sparkles with wonder. the only quality that she holds from wintersbane are the ivory markings that dot her frame, from the soft ticking along her back, the markings under each eye, the sliver of a star kissed on her forehead and chest, to the tip of her overly fluffy tail. lastly the tiny sliver of pale blue in her right eye, only noticeable if you are looking for it.

        code by ares
Pack History
PARENTS minori & takara
SIRE wintersbane
        megumi —「minori x issun 2019」
        ochori —「takara x issun 2019」
        quellcrist —「wintersbane x elixir 2019」
        —「06/2020 - present」
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