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Neverwinter Forest

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Full Name: finín neverwinter-blackthorn
Subspecies: eastern timber wolf mix
Sex: Male
Age: 0 (14/6/2020)
Birthplace: neverwinter forest, teekon wilds
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dragún beag-
he will be quite average in stature, lean and strong. sable furs will lighten only slightly to adorn him in a thickly smoky charcoal, the only exception being the signature blackthorn stripe down his spine that will remain stygian ebony, these ink stains are also noticed at the tip of his tail, above his nose and on both ears. as if dipped in fire, his legs, stomach and face will transition to burning orange, a true little dragon.

eyes are an uncanny contrast, his right an eerie silver that seems to shift within like chilled smoke whilst the left is unflinching, ice kissed blue. from afar the difference is subtle enough for a cursory glance to deem them as the same colour, but up close it is easy to notice the difference.
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Pack History
neverwinter forest (14/6/20 - present)
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